With over 2 million expats from India, it is no surprise that UAE has some of the best Indian restaurants in the world. RenownedIndian chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor, Michelin star holder AtulKochhar, Vineet Bhatia and the likes, host restaurants in UAE which are critically acclaimed as well as popular among the masses. It will not be difficult for a dedicated foodie to find a variety of cuisines ranging from spicy south Indian to rich north Indian or exotic north eastern food. Here is our choice of five Indian restaurants that are on top of their game. They might not be that easy on your pocket but we guarantee you a culinary experience that will leave you wanting for more

Tresind – Nassima Royal Hotel, Dubai

Spending on food is like an investment made on good times. Tresind is exactly that – a boarding pass to fun dining experience. Admittedly on the high-end side with an average cost of AED 500 for a couple, Tresind gathered 4.9 stars on the most popular foodie app Zomato. What sets Tresind apart from other similar restaurants is its innovative take on presenting traditional dishes. Here the menu might directyour eyes to items like'deconstructed panipuri' or 'Rabdi' flavoured ice cream which takes your taste buds on a roller-coaster ride of myriad flavours.

Junoon – Trade Centre, Dubai

Like theirsplendid architecture, rich and delicate fabrics and 'kharigari' and theirvibrant culture overall, the Mughals had exceptional taste in food too.Mughlai cuisine has been recognized internationally for its aroma, spices and it's enriching taste. Junoon is a place where you can find some delectable Mughlai and North Indian food in the country. The ambience and interiors have been done to please the old world lover in you and exudes nostalgia. Two can eat at an average of AED 360 and there are set menus and happy hours as well. Zomato reviewers have rated the place at 4.6 stars, which is yet another green flag for you to try that perfect Butter Chicken and Kulcha.

Tamba – Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

We have all heard of fusion food, but Tamba takes it to another level by creating its own genre in fusion food by bringing in the conventional and contemporary flavours from all over the sub-continent and giving it the Indian twist. The ethereal settings and the plush ambience makes it a portal to a world of fascinating taste combinations. Salmon tikki with mango and date jam concoction is an example of its very weirdly wonderful menu. Zomato reviewers have appropriately given the place 4.7 stars. The average cost for two come around 500AED. Ladies can have more fun at their Ladies Soirees which serve complementary beverages for ladies during happy hours.

Rang Mahal by AtulKochhar – Business Bay

How does soothing Indian music paired with a uniquely delicious drink sound like? Exciting! If you are really into the art of cooking, AtulKochhar will need no introduction. A legend in the food world, the Michelin star chef has even been invited by The Queen! Rang Mahal has a very Indian décor and interiors. The tastefully done mural, high ceilings, partial view of Dubai Canal makes it a perfect location for a romantic date with your loved one or a peaceful catch-up session with family/friends. The menu also does perfect justice to its settings with items like JimmikandkeeShammi which is pan fried yam with Indian herbs and spices, pair it with some white wine and you have a true Indian gourmet experience. Rang Mahal is priced at AED 400 for two and Zomato reviewers have given it 4.2 stars.

Rajasthan Al Malaki – Muwailih Commercial, Sharjah

The 'thali' is a food platter that has its variation in almost every state in India based on its local produce and spice. Rajasthan and Gujarat are two states which are known for its elaborate and exquisite Thali. You will not find a vegetarian (or a non-vegetarian, just read foodie) who is not in awe of the Rajasthani thali. Rajasthan Al Malaki is a gem that serves some scrumptious thali and Rajasthani and Gujarathi spreads which will leave your taste buds dancing with joy. The variety of dal served is a foodie's dream come true. Rajasthan Al Malaki will also make your wallet happy with its average price of AED 60 for two. The place has been given 4.5 stars by zomato reviewers.

Just Missed the List

With the sheer number of Indian restaurants in Dubai it is impossible to restrict the list to a handful of names. With the high quality of service, ambience and food provided at many of the Indian restaurants customers are really spoilt for choice. There are a few honourable mentions that just missed the list but reigns in the hearts of masses. The Dum Biryanis of Gazebo are a true treat to any Biryani lover's soul. Bu Qtair is a shack in Jumeira which serves deep fried sea food for which people drive from afar and wait in long queues to get a bite off this seafood haven. SaravanaBhavan, Kamat and Sangeeta are vegetarian chains which guarantees a long waiting list if you are up for a weekend dinner.

With so many options for the ardent Indian cuisine fan, Dubai is undoubtedly a foodie's paradise. What are you waiting for then? Bon Appetit

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