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Gate Valves in UAE: What They Are and How They Work

Gate valves are direct motion valves that regulate the inflow of liquids and feasts. They've a gate or wedge- shaped portion that moves up or down to either allow or restrict the inflow of fluid. The gate faucets are designed with a threaded stem, and a hand- wheel is used to open and close the stopcock. They give full open or close inflow control, making them ideal for operations that bear a complete shut- off. The stopcock operates by either lifting or lowering the gate out of the inflow path, depending on the direction of inflow. Gate faucets are generally used in water and gas channels, oil painting wells, chemical processing shops, and in brume and heat exchanger systems.

Gate valves regulate the flow of gas or liquid via a pipeline. They function by blocking or allowing the flow of the media using a gate or wedge-shaped disc. The gate lowers to block the flow when the valve is closed, then raises to let the medium through when the valve is opened. Gate valves are extensively used in sectors including oil and gas, chemical, and power generation. The mechanism is normally actuated by a wheel or lever.

Types Of Gate Valves

  • Metal seated gate valves: These gate valves are utilised in situations where a tight seal is necessary and have a metal seat. In the oil and gas sector, they are frequently employed.
  • Knife gate valve: They are utilised in applications like wastewater treatment and slurry where a gate valve is required to cut through thick fluids. The fluid can be sliced through by the sharp blade on these valves.
  • PVC gate valve: When controlling a fluid that is not corrosive, PVC gate valves are employed. In the water treatment business and for swimming pools, they are frequently employed.
  • Brass gate valve: These valves are applied where the fluid that has to be controlled is not corrosive. Plumbing and heating systems frequently employ them.
  • Water gate valve: These valves can be used to regulate the flow of water in pipes, tanks, and other systems because they were created expressly for use in water applications.
  • Pneumatic gate valve: These compressed air or gas-operated valves are frequently utilised in industrial applications.

Famous brands of gate valves in the UAE:

Cameron: offers a wide variety of gate valves for the oil and gas, electricity, and other industries.

Flowserve: Produces gate valves for a range of applications, with a focus on durability and reliability.

Velan: Offers gate valves in a variety of materials and designs, with a reputation for quality and performance.

KITZ: Known for its high-quality valves, including gate valves for industrial and commercial applications.

Crane: Offers gate valves in a range of sizes and materials, with a focus on providing solutions for challenging applications.

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