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Concrete Blocks Are The Pillars Of Skyscrapers In UAE

Concrete blocks are the main ingredient used by the construction industry. Bricks are replaced by concrete bricks & blocks. These are available in solid, hollow and cellular forms which are widely used for the construction of filler & boundary walls.When the concrete blocks are made in large sizes, it helps to make blockwork faster. Also this helps to consume less cement in joints.

What forms of Concrete Blocks are Available?
Concrete blocks can be handmade and machine-made. The cast block is then cured in a water tank for at least 14 days. After that, the blocks are dried to be used in masonry construction.

Types of Concrete Blocks:

  • Solid concrete blocks are used as load-bearing walls.
  • Paver blocks are made for exterior ground paving on sidewalks, parking lots, petrol pumps, etc.
  • AAC blocks are lightweight hollow blocks.

Many important points should be followed while preparing Concrete Block:

  • The block strength should be more than the mortar strength.
  • Concrete blocks that are cured & dried properly for 14 days must be used to avoid shrinkage.
  • Blocks should be dry while placing in masonry construction. 

Numerous building construction works are done in different segments of the UAE. You can find many Concrete Block manufacturers in UAE supplying concrete blocks, hollow blocks, solid blocks, etc.

Many leading building construction companies are part of the clientele of renowned concrete block manufacturers in UAE. These construction companies work on many projects including hotels, palaces, residential mansions, business complexes, shopping centers & many more. Concrete blocks in the UAE are used by all leading construction companies to successfully complete their projects.

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