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Find Concrete Products Manufacturers In UAE

From the foundation of our homes to skyscrapers, from the community centers to bridges, transitways, and all other indispensable infrastructure installations like water treatment plants, dams, offshore oil production platforms, and many more that are essential for our society, we rely on concrete products. There are concrete products for all types of applications and construction needs.Various

Concrete Products are available like:

  • Concrete Pavements
  • Cast-in-Place and Ready-Mixed Concrete
  • Cast Stone and Stone Veneered Precast Panels
  • Interlocking Concrete Pavement
  • Concrete blocks & concrete floorings
Concrete flooring is the one in which a flat slab is formed of concrete, which is either poured in-situ or precast in a factory. Concrete floors can either be basement or ground floors. The concrete slab is directly supported onto a construction that may involve hardcore, blinding, and other materials.

The layer is covered with a vapor barrier sheet that prevents moisture from moving up into the concrete. Then it is placed with a welded wire fabric mesh sheet to aid with adhesion. Finally, the concrete slab is poured directly onto these layers.

A concrete block is one of several precast concrete products used in construction. The blocks are formed and hardened before they are brought to the job site. Most concrete blocks have one or more hollow cavities. Moreover, the sides of concrete blocks are cast smooth or with a design.

Concrete Pavement

Concrete pavers refer to paving stones. These are popular outdoor flooring options. Concrete Pavers are most commonly installed over a compacted base of soil and sand. Since there isn't any grout between the joints, concrete pavers offer a permeable surface that allows water to pass through. Concrete pavement lasts decades longer than its asphalt equivalent, requires less maintenance with its strong and rigid surface.

The concrete pavers are suitable for many applications including airports, highways, streets, roads, and parking lots. Concrete pavement is not only more cost-effective but is also competitive on initial construction costs. It is beneficial for both the owners and the users. 
In commercial and residential buildings, concrete plays a huge role in the look, structure, and sustainability of your building. When concrete becomes damaged, its ability to support your building is weakened.

Atmospheric and environmental conditions can impact concrete structures over time leading to corrosion of the outer concrete layers. Concrete restoration is the process of repairing old and damaged concrete. It helps to return it to its original appearance. The concrete restoration companies perform these tasks on sidewalks and driveways as well.

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