We are all nationals, expats, residents, investors, young professionals, and workmen. What binds us together? We call UAE – the amazingly young, vibrant, nurturing nation our Home. UAE absolutely Rocks because it is phenomenal how this very young nation has managed to catapult itself to World Rankings toppling many countries that boast centuries of history and culture. Indeed we are all proud to be a part of this glorious journey!

Moreover, what is more fascinating is that UAE achieved so many feats without compromising its core values and culture. ‘Tolerance, Innovation, Opportunity, Progress’ – these define the Lifeline of UAE’s steadfast success.

Each Flag Day is an occasion to reminisce about the past and celebrate the future. This Flag Day, here is a List of UAE achievements that are enviable by any standards and make anyone fall for this Desert Spring.

  • Abu Dhabi ranked Safest City in the world.

  • Ranked 22 for Best Country in the world out of 80 Countries, US News & World Report Survey

  • Ranked 10th out of 63 countries in World Competitiveness, IMD World Competitiveness Centre

  • 21st on the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s World Happiness Report.

  • The UAE now has more female cabinet ministers than the USA.

  • UAE’s road quality is world-class and world’s best (Source: World Economic Forum). Of course! Anyone who would have driven down Sheikh Zayed Road would need no proof!

  • Riding a bus / metro? You’re in fact enjoying the world’s best transport underpinned by UAE’s highly developed infrastructure (Source: World Economic Forum). 1 Billion Metro Riders in 8 years - How do you like them apples for a country of 9 Million?

  • Internet Penetration: 99% Internet and social media penetration, far surpassing Global medians. 

Dream It, Do It, Live It – That’s VISION!

Well, the list is endless! A very notable achievement is the UAE tops in the Public’s trust in it’s politicians and Heads of State, it directly translates to the effectiveness of our leaders’ vision for the nation – the cornerstone of its glory. This Flag Day, we reaffirm our allegiance to the UAE flag - a symbol of the country’s unity and greatness and aspirations for a better future.