If you are searching for the best things to do in Dubai, you have our back with you. There are amazing things that you can do in Dubai. It is a place of great fun. Make sure you don’t miss any of the things that are listed here. We have brought water sports, brunches, cinema experience, restaurants for brunch and dinner. We encourage people to take a look at the city’s cultural scene. Don’t forget to take safety and health measures while hanging out in Dubai.

Get ready and go to Burj Al Arab

You need not have stayed in the hotel to enjoy it. This curved glass facade is a luxurious hotel is the tallest atrium. You can enjoy watching the fish tank in Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara. You can enjoy food in the restaurants in the building. 

Enjoy the rain at The Green Planet

This place aims at teaching people about the animals and the nature of the rainforest. Just pack your bags and have a night’s stay. You will get more than 3000 exotic animals and plants. Bedding and hammocks are offered as per the choice. A lot of restaurants are available at the place. Yoga is done here among the sound of nature. 

Have an amazing time at La Mer

This was launched in October 2018 in 13.4 million sq ft having above 130 restaurants and shops. The water park is also available here. Some famous restaurants are Bareburger, Big Smoke Burger, Backyard, Argentina Grill, Bungalow, and many more. They serve super delicious food. 

Be Ready For Laugh

You can go to ten-days Dubai Comedy Festival. It will run from May 13 to May 22. The comedy show will be done in different cities and in multiple languages. World-class stand-up, shows will come up with varieties of surprises.  

Live in nature of Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is formed by a series of climate-controlled domes. This garden is full of butterflies. You can take up your kids for a walk and enjoy natural sights. This will definitely give you a breath of freshness. 

Walk on The Beach

It is important to have ‘me-time, the sea- breeze give you a relaxed and peaceful experience. You can relax on 

Go to see Dubai’s Global Village

If you haven’t visited Global Village then it is time to add it to your bucket list. It is a massive multi-national theme park. You can enjoy carnival rides, cultural shows, street food. Here you will enjoy the fire fountain show and love the Indian street food. Mirror maze gives you a whole new experience. 

Enjoy Dubai!