Dubai is a land of diversity. In this new-generation oasis you can not only meet people from every walk of life but also experience their culture through food, clothing and entertainment. Indeed, it is like being able to see and understand different cultures without ever travelling! However, Dubai is also notoriously known for its love of luxury and extravagance, with its wonderfully inexhaustive options for dining from every imaginable cuisine you can easily burn a hole in your pocket, if you don’t watch out. Here is our list of eight drool-worthy eateries from different cuisines around the world where you can indulge in less than 100 dirhams. So brace your cutleries and enjoy!

Calicut Paragon

A significant majority of expat population in Dubai comes from India and so the city has no dearth of Indian restaurants. On the weekends you can find most of the Indian diners packed to the brim! Calicut Paragon is among the top players in the field. This place serves delicious Keralite food along with some interesting drinks and a number of indo-chineseitems. If you have not tasted Malabar cooking as yet this is a good place to begin, with it creamy coconut chicken curries and fluffy white appams, you are sure to be blown over!

The Lime Tree Café & Kitchen

If you’re the sort of person who likes to take the day off with some freshly baked carrot cake, a cup of warm coffee and your favourite book then this is where you can come while not breaking your bank. The Lime Tree Café has a really cosy feel to it and the friendly staffs just makes it perfect for catching up with your loved ones or to just spend some quality me-time. The café is known for its breakfast options and desserts. In the winters one can sit outside and indulge in their warm selection of bakes and even get some work done thanks to the free wifi in the café.

Falafel Farm

For the vegetarians who complain about the dearth of all veggie restaurants, here is Falafel Farm. The quirky, fun and very welcoming ambience of the place is sure to make you fall in love with it. Falafel Farm takes the traditional falafel and turns it into modern, finger-licking good dishes that will leave you wanting for more. Falafel farm sources its produce from local farms and markets and uses minimal preservatives which makes their sauces and pickles a true treat.

Special Ostadi

Ostadi is one of the oldest restaurants in Dubai serving authentic Iranian food. A meat lover’s paradise, Ostadi only serves classic Iranian kebabs with a side of rice and yoghurt. The interiors have an old world charm to it with old photos and other curios hung on its brightly coloured walls. If you don’t plan ahead, this place is mostly packed on weekends and the waiting line could also be long. Once you get a taste of the perfectly spiced tender kebabs of Ostadi, you will always be yearning to come back!


Food Truck is the new trend in the food industry worldwide and Dubai also has caught up with it. SALT is parked by the beautiful Kite Beach and serves irresistible sliders and delicious shakes. The smart and funky décor and wheelchair accessibility of the truck adds a fun kick to the setup. Chicken Cheetos Slider, Cheesy fries and Lotus softie are definitely a must try for every foodie. Good food, fun crowd and beach this place definitely strikes all the right chords.

Arabian Tea House

Before anything can be said about the lip-smackingEmarati food served here, the beauty of its enchanting décor needs to be mentioned. The ambience of this cafe instantly transports you back to decades old Dubai. This place is popular for its breakfast trays and tea. The serving wares and cutleries are vintage pieces from Emarati tradition. Old Arabic music and the rustic fragrance of Oudh will be a perfect setting for a romantic date. Emarati bread with honey and cheese is must-try for every expat living in this wonderful country.

Yamanote Atelier

If you are reluctant to try out Japanese cuisine thinking it is all Sushi and sea food, its time you paid a visit to this charming little bakery. Yamanote Atelier serves some heavenly delicious Japanese style baked treats presented in a unique adorable way. They also have very interesting breakfast selections and other savory dishes on the menu. Try to get your hands on their fast disappearing ‘crispy on the outside light and creamy on the inside’ Creampuffs, you will thank us a million times!

The Acai Spot

Acai is an indigenous berry commonly found in the rain forests of the Amazon. This antioxidant-rich fruit has been heralded for centuries as a healing, immune-stimulating, energy-boosting fruit. The Acai Spot is the first place to serve a menu based on this super nutritious fruit. Smoothies, granola bowls, and fruit mixes are all served with a tasty, healthy twist. If you are among the health-conscious or an aspiring weight watcher you should definitely check out this place.

Now tuck in your napkins, eat, drink and make merry. Your wallets will also thank you!