UAE is renowned for its extravagant buildings and interior and luxurious lifestyle. From apartments to villas studded with grandeur, office complexes and hotels, restaurants, and even homes, you will find impressive designs in the interiors.

Designing the interior of a building is very technical and tricky work. The place doesn’t only need to look good, but at the same time, it has to be cost-effective and functional. The interior must also create a fulfilling experience for the people that is unique in its own way.

Despite all the grandeur, there are some trends in interior design that are just right for the people whose style resonates with minimalism and modern interiors. These styles are for the ones who like to be subtle. Check out these trends which will inspire you to plan and execute the interior of your house and improve it.

No Mistakes When It Comes To Marbles

Marble is a huge trend this year. Well, marble never goes out of fashion, just the styles change. Marble, as an interior design idea is making its place in many interior design magazines and all over Pinterest. Marble is a very classy idea for flooring. Used mostly in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, marble has the ability to give a clean and elegant look to the interiors. Marble makes the room look very subtle and effortless.

Nature Inspired Colours And Textures

While we can not go out often because of the coronavirus, we surely can bring the garden inside. This is what has inspired the interior of many villas in the UAE. From pastel colors inspired by nature to natural materials, all of these are inspiring the interiors, You can see the use of rattan, cane, and other stuff. Why are people in the UAE picking nature as an interior idea you ask? The main reason for this attraction is because these nature-inspired look helps to create a peaceful sensation and makes the room warmer.  You can also add a lot of actual house plants. This greenery is an instant charm for people who are looking for that rejuvenating in-the-middle-of-the-nature feel. 


Cementing In The Insides, Quite Literally!

It might sound bizarre to some but no, cement is not just limited to the insides of your building anymore. Cementing has also become a style statement in interior design trends. You will find cement in homes, restaurants, offices, and just about everywhere. Today, in the interior of many commercial and residential buildings, you will find features like floors, countertops, even sinks and shelves that are typically non-cement features, built with cement. Especially when opting for an industrial-like look or something raw, the bland color of the concrete along with a tinch of bright color can create a stunning look that stands out. 

We Have To Talk About Subway Tiles

The first words that come into my mind when I think about subway tiles as an interior option are, Classic and Versatile! Whatever style of interior you may choose, subway tiles can match the interior. They are affordable from the price point of view. The aesthetic feel that they give is simply amazing. The plus point is that the subway tiles come in a wide range of colors and finishes. You can never go wrong with Subway Tiles. 

Dark Interior, Bright Lights 

Using dark wood in the interior of the place, or simply making the use of light brown colors of natural wood, is a modern as well as an attractive trend in interior designing. It is mostly suitable;e for smaller spaces. Using this style of design gives a very luxurious and polished look to space. You can also make use of cork, which will be a very nice material to make floors and cabinet doors, even walls. Adding beautiful lights will be like a final touch. With just the right kind of lighting, your space will look more spacious, warm, and comfortable. I am already in awe just at the thought of it. 

Voice Activation 

While this has nothing to do with the color of the wall or the style of the kitchen, this trend is so common and viral these days that I thought of giving it a place in the blog. A voice assistant at home is a great option as you can say their catchphrase or the activation phrase and ask the assistants to do some basic jobs. These can include dimming the lights, turning on the air conditioner, etc. It is a smart home design idea. 

Feeling inspired by these interior finishing ideas? Then this is your sign to give your house a modern makeover! Make your personal living space more functional and stylish. Choose your favorite from any of these interior designing and finishing options or contact the experts to explore more. You can refer to their magazines or search online. Remember, there are many trends that can confuse you but always choose the one that speaks to you the most and brings out your personality in the interior of your house. After all, it is you who has to spend the most time in that space. 

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