Since 2018, Instagram allows users across many countries to enhance their stories and experiment with their stories by adding music to them. 

Imagine you are on the beach at sunset and the view is so pleasing that you capture it on the app. While the view reminds you of your favorite calming song, what could be better than adding the song in the background of your picture and showing your family, friends, and followers on Instagram what a serene experience you had. 

Sounds cool right? This is the magic of Instagram and its feature Instagram music.

The World Of Instagram

Instagram, this user-friendly, mobile-friendly, image first and fun social media app has a world of itself. The app allows you to take photos, post photos, videos, stories (that are the disappearing photos and videos), chat with friends and connect with people from all around the world. 

It is a very popular app, not only for youngsters but people of all age groups alike. Everyone is expressing themselves on the platform, making connections and content, and having a fun time with the app.

The app has many features that make it so popular. From adding filters to your pictures, adding various stickers like polls, Q and A, and GIF, watching and posting IGTVs (longer videos) and Reels (shorter videos), different fonts to play with, different chat features, and SO MUCH MORE!

But many of Instagram’s features don’t reach the audience equally. From the time of the app’s updates, it takes a while for the users in all the countries to access the features. It takes Instagram time as well to make it available to users across all regions. A similar case is with Instagram Music.

Good News In The UAE

Even though this music feature of Instagram that allows you to add a soundtrack to your Instagram and Facebook stories has long been there since 2018, it was not available for us in the Middle East Region. The Instagram users here could not add music to the stories until now.

We have waited 3 years for this bliss! So here’s a guide to all the users in UAE to understand how Instagram music works and how it can do wonders to your plain boring stories.

How Do You Access Instagram Music?

Adding music to your stories is quite simple. All you have to do is follow these quick and easy steps to add the feature to your stories. 

Go to the sticker icon once you have captured the picture, tap on the sticker icon above. Here you will find a music sticker now.

Now search for the song you wish to add. Remember now all the songs are available on Instagram right now because Instagram is still adding songs to its library. But you will have thousands of songs to choose from. Also, you can find the trending songs at the top. 

If the lyrics of the song that you have chosen are also available, you can even choose to display them. Using can play around with different fonts and designs. 

You can also choose the specific part of the song that you wish to play. Your followers will now be able to listen to the sound in the back of your story.

The followers can also tap the lyrics. This allows them to learn more about the song and artist and learn more about it. 

How Do You Activate Instagram Music?

Can’t find the music sticker in the sticker’s section? You might need to update your app.

To update your Instagram you can visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store, search for the app and update it. Once you have updated your app, you will be able to find the sticker.

If even after updating the sticker still doesn’t work or you are unable to locate it, try logging out and logging in again. You can also uninstall and install the app. This usually works.

How Much Of A Song Can You Use On Instagram? 

Instagram allows you to add up to 15 seconds of a song to your stories. However, there are separate and specific guidelines that Instagram has provided if you are adding music to something other than music. This could include your live broadcasts, reels, videos, etc. 

To protect the original artists, songwriters, composers, and musicians’ community, Instagram has a set of updates and guidelines for including songs in a video that you can check from Instagram’s blog. Instagram has agreements with the original holders and to abide by these they have guidelines regarding copyrights.

Of course, the details of the agreements are confidential but there are some general guidelines you can go through, especially if you are a creator. 

What To Expect From Instagram Music?

Since Instagram music is still new for us in UAE, it is slowly and gradually being made available and accessible to everyone in the region. There are many users from around the UAE that have reported that they are not being able to access the feature.

Those who are able to access the feature are reporting issues with its functionality. The music is lagging, not playing in the stories, and some other issues. Apart from that those who have multiple accounts on Instagram are facing issues in one account while they can access the feature in their other account.

Like I mentioned above, all these issues and bugs will be resolved in some time as the feature came to us after 3 years of waiting. It will gradually be made available to everyone without any error and you will be able to add any tune you wish to your story. What’s your genre?

The Popularity Of Instagram Music In UAE

Finally gone are the days when we used to look at the stories of our friends from different countries and any story with a soundtrack or the music sticker immediately popped a notification on our screens that said -

“Instagram Music is not available in your region”

No longer FOMO, no longer missing out on the content that people across the world were already making! 

Well, the feature was launched here just a few days back but it has already become so popular in the Middle East region. Instagram music has literally made a splash in the region and everyone is excited to check it out. 

Youngsters in UAE are showing their followers their music choice by selecting their favorite songs and adding them. Instagram music in UAE  hashtags are trending and everyone is talking about it. 

The young generation is excited and overwhelmed with the coming of this feature. Fatima, from Dubai, wrote, “My friends and I were very excited when we got to know about the big announcement. We watched the stories of our friends from other places but could never hear the song that they had put, it didn’t feel good. But now even we can have fun! It is so exciting! It reminds me of the time when filters were first introduced.”

Certainly, better late than never!