Healthcare sector in the UAE is systematically organized and recognized for its world-class quality of operations. Most of the medical facilities in Dubai, be it hospitals, multi-speciality clinics or simple health clinics have most modern equipment and hygiene standards par excellence. Government controls the healthcare sector in general and hospitals in the country in particular through five organized departments.

Health Authority: Abu Dhabi:This department manages and regulates the health industry in Abu Dhabi and also in developing various health policies.

SEHA: SEHA or Abu Dhabi health Services Company manages all the government owned healthcare centres in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai Health Authority: DHA controls all the public and private medical and healthcare facilities in Dubai.

Dubai Healthcare City: DHCC manages all the private healthcare facilities in its jurisdiction.

Ministry of Health (UAE): This department manages and controls private and public healthcare systems in Sharjah, Ajman and all the other northern emirates in the country.

Healthcare in Dubai can be very expensive for the expats without insurance. Though it is possible for the expats to get health cards from MOH that will help you get medical care from public healthcare facilities, it is not always easy and feasible. Therefore medical insurance is a primary necessity in the country. It is strongly recommended for the tourists visiting the country to get themselves travel insurance in case of emergencies. With these basics in mind, let us present you with the best hospitals in UAE that specialises in various fields of healthcare;

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