The hotel industry in UAE is expanding and all thanks to the increasing tourism it witnesses daily. You will find Dubai is home to several eatery joints. Your newly opened restaurant or fast food joint is not yet known to people, well, one major reason would be, you not using social media platforms. If you want to take your brand to the next level, then having a strong social media presence is a must. You cannot expect the locals and tourists to know your existence unless you have advertised it. It is important to make your presence and existence feel by using the right social media platforms.Getting the needed word out works in your favour, thus attracting those foodies out there. If you take a closer look, Dubai has witnessed multiple eatery joints and restaurants popping out now and then. Make your presence felt and create your identity by using the right social media platform. As a restaurateur in Dubai, ensure you do not underestimate the power of social media platforms, for they can make or break your brand.

What Is One of The Best Way for Restaurant Marketing?

When talking about restaurant marketing, you are bound to take the old route of word of mouth. Well, it does work, but then in the age of digital where people are more prone to using social media channels, why would you consider the basic tool? It is not that word of mouth is not beneficial. It is cost-effective and can easily bring diners to your newly opened restaurant. But, a faster way would always be to market your restaurant. And to do so, having a strong social media presence is of paramount importance. 

You have spent a fortune on licensing and finding a space for your restaurant. Why not spend some more to ensure the word is spread to the right audience? Newspapers and magazines prove to be a great medium, but then you need to know whether your target audience is buying them. It is believed digital platforms in Dubai are efficient and expanded over the five years.

Now the question lies, how to target your audience, and most importantly stand tall among the other famous eateries in and around Dubai.

Social Media Advertising Is the Right Answer

Now that you are aware of the power of Social media advertising, the next step is why do you need it? In a city like Dubai where people tend to have varied taste buds and hence the increasing number of eateries, standing out is important. Well, social media advertising does exactly that. It helps you target your ideal customer based on the location and demographics. Apart from this, it is accessible. In simple terms, locals and tourists can track table reservations as and when needed. After all, your target audience spends a lot of time on social media channels as compared to magazines and newspapers. A lot of people tend to prefer consuming information coming from social media channels than other sources.

Which Social Media Channels to Use?

Now you know why you need social media channels, the next step is which platform will work the best for you. When you talk about social media platforms, it is Facebook and Instagram that crosses your mind, isn’t it? Well, the major reason for the same is because it helps you post pictures. It has excellent target capabilities. The same can be narrowed down based on various areas like:

  • Geo-Targeting – It does not prove beneficial if you advertise a brunch in Sports City to the audience in Dubai Marina or even Deira. Though the content is attractive, it will not receive a lot of views.

  • Time-based targeting – In this, as a restaurateur in UAE you get to target the diners who will order from your newly opened restaurant or even book a table. For example, you can post pictures and updates on Facebook or Instagram between 10 am – 2 pm where people think of lunch and not anything.

Working of Social Media Advertising

Running a social media campaign is easy, but since this is your first time, it is wise to let experts do it for you. Well, if you want to do it yourself, mentioned are some aspects you need to consider. Take, for example, the aspect of table booking for a Friday Brunch.

  • Assets to use – As you will be using Facebook and Instagram, you should know, it is all about pictures. Ensure they are quality based. Gifs and graphic designing work also work great!

  • Audience – Target your audience wisely. Do not try to go overboard and consider advertising for customers who are interested in the food you are going to serve.

  • Call to Action – This is all about knowing what you want your viewers to do. It is important for the advert to take your customers to get started immediately.

  • Respond – Well, as time passed by, booking a table has gone a long way via phone or email through Facebook messenger. But then, ensure you give a quick reply, which converts your social media fan into a potential paying customer.

Cost of Social Media Advertising for The Restaurant

Once you have decided on the target audience and the channels you want to use, the next step is all about knowing the cost of the same. Well, the price tends to vary from one social media company to another. However, keep a budget in mind to narrow down your search. Get in touch with, where the experts take the lead in helping you advertise and market your restaurant the right way.

With the digital age playing a pivotal role, customers now prefer to use these mediums than the traditional ones. Keeping in mind the UAE and Dubai hotel industry, and how it increases day by day, using the right advertising tool is important.

If you have a restaurant in Dubai and want to enhance ROI through social media advertising, then get in touch with a reputable company like Yellow Pages. The experts are more than happy to be of your help.