Material handling is also called material movement.  Material handling is basically a short-distance movement of material from manufacturing to distribution. Material handling equipment is mechanical equipment. It is used for storage, movement, control, protection of materials and goods, distribution, manufacturing, consumption, and disposal. 

Material movement in any business or any industry is unavoidable from start to finish. It begins with obtaining raw materials and then marketed as a finished product or good.

Objectives Of Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • They help in reducing the damage to any material and wastage.

  • They reduce the manufacturing time in designing efficient movement. 

  • They improve the material flow control. 

  • It helps in reducing the cost.   

Factors On Which Material Handling System Depends

It is dependent on the nature of the production process, then the layout of the plant, and building construction. Material handling is all about maneuvering, storing, and protecting the goods.

Different Material Handling in UAE

Manual Handling

Manual handling refers to using a worker’s hands to transport individual packing containers through lifting, lowering, filling, emptying, or carrying them. It can reveal workers to physical risks that could cause injuries: a big percent of over half one million instances of musculoskeletal problems stated in the U.S. every year rise up from manual handling, and regularly involve strains and sprains to a person's lower back, shoulders, and top limbs.

Automated Handling

Whenever technically and economically feasible, gadgets may be used to reduce and occasionally replace the need to manually deal with the material. Most existing material managing gadgets are only semi-automatic due to the fact a human operator is needed for responsibilities like loading/unloading and using which are hard and/or too pricey to completely automate. However, ongoing advances in sensing, gadget intelligence, and robotics have made it feasible to absolutely automate an increasing number of handling responsibilities.

The Principles Of Material Handling Equipment 

There are various principles on which the material handling equipment is based. It is crucial to understand what the different types of principles are and check the principles that best fit your advantage.

These principles include orientation principle, planning principle, system principle, unit load principle, space utilization principle, ecological principle, energy principle, gravity principle, safety principle, cost principle, layout principle, maintenance principle, system flow principle, and many more. 

Categories Of Material Handling Equipments Available In UAE Market

1. Storage & Handling Equipment: They are shelves or racks where the material is stored in between receiving and shipping.

2. Bulk Material Handling Equipment: When transporting lots of material then it is needed. They are of various kinds like Hopper, Stackers, Conveyor belts, Dump trucks, Screw conveyors

3. Industrial Trucks: They can be run by workers as well as automatic. They are of various types such as Hand trucks, Side loaders, Forklifts, Order Pickers, Pallet trucks.

4. Transport equipment: they are used to move materials from one place to another. In the transport equipment, many other types of equipment are also included. For example, you can get Conveyors, Cranes, Positioning & Unit Load Formation Equipment, etc.

5. Engineered System: They are complicated systems with multiple components, usually warehouse automation.

Importance Of Material Handling Equipment

Material handling performs an essential position in production and logistics. Almost every object of physical trade has been transported on a conveyor or elevated truck or every other form of material handling device in production plants, warehouses, and retail stores. 

These operators use material handling systems to move diverse items in numerous commercial settings which include transferring production substances around buildings or transferring items onto ships. Material handling equipment helps in minimizing movement, designing packages, containers, etc. With the help of material handling equipment, you are able to take the shortest route possible as it helps to reduce much of your time that would otherwise be spent in movements. 

Of course, this goes without saying that when you are able to cut down the time spent in movement and delivery, you are able to reduce your inventory excesses. Not only that, the overall handling costs in manufacturing, distribution, and transportation are also lowered. The direct result of this, in the long run, becomes better customer service, product control through better monitoring and management, better inventory management, and the accuracy of information through real-time monitoring.

How Does Material Handling Work?

The process starts with manufacturing. During the manufacturing process, the finished goods are required to be shipped to the factories. Once the goods are shipped, the next important part of the material handling is getting the goods transported.

For the transportation process, the manufacturer of the goods needs to transport the goods into the storage or warehouse. It is where the goods are now stored, which counts as the third part of the entire process. Here the product needs to be taken care of and is shipped and stored properly within the warehouse. The last stage is the process of distribution. At this stage, the product is distributed to the retailers, customers. By now, you can see how in each of these processes of manufacturing the goods to getting them to the consumer, material handling plays a very important role. 

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