Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind for the sale of your car and tyre safety, especially in the UAE scorching heat of the summers. There are some common car issues that can be dealt with, for example, car tyre burst or them being worn out. 

The roads in UAE are incredible! I have seen roads that are just filled with bumps, speed breakers, diversions, gutters, all sorts of obstacles. Even if you speed at 80km/hr on those roads, your car tires would definitely burst into tiny pieces. It is exciting for me to see the cars in the UAE speed past 100km/hr on these UAE roads. Honestly, the road construction here is commendable. I am in awe of the UAE roads that run from between the isolated deserts and even to the top of Jebel Jais, it is incredible! It reminds me of road trips, open sunroof, favourite music and the windy air flowing through the hair. 

But wait, before all of the fun road trip plans are our cars ready for the long summer months of UAE? These roads pose danger to the car tyres.  We often wash our cars and make them clean and spotless. We even take the car for an oil change and make it shine. But we often miss out on the most important element of the cars - the tyres. We forget to pay attention to the condition of the wheels. 

Many people are not knowledgeable that the tyres are so important. Tyres are considered approximately 33% responsible for the safety of the vehicle. A bad tyre is a reason most of the overturning accidents take place. During the summer months of the UAE, the asphalt temperature goes as high as 70 to 80 degrees celsius easily. Did you know that if you are driving with a bad tyre, you are violating the traffic law? You could be fined with 200Dhs and even your vehicle will be taken away for at least seven days. 

Such is the gravity of the heat in UAE. It poses a huge threat to our lives and to our vehicle. You will find below a few tips that are practical and simple to follow. These will help you to ensure the safety of your vehicle, so keep reading!

Buying The Tyres

I can’t stress this enough, always buy your tyres from the dealers that are trusted and verified. Never use your tyres beyond their expiry date. Also, make sure to do a quick visual inspection of your vehicle while also carefully looking at the tyres. Look for signs of excessive tread wear and if the sidewalls are cracked or intact. You should also look for the colour of the tyre, if you see any discolouration or even a slight bulging, contact your mechanic. I think it’s time you get your tyres replaced. 

A tyre that is well-maintained and selected after a careful inspection can also become a contributing factor ensuring your safety. This can also help your vehicle increase its fuel economy. Also, better handling, greater comfort and better ride quality will also follow along. 

Routine Servicing & Check-ups

Like I said before, check your tyres. Do not make the common mistake of checking the tyres but forgetting the spares. Check them as well. When you check these regularly, you can get timely fixtures by contacting your mechanics. Also, it is also very crucial to gauge the pressure of the tyres at least once a month. 

You should also check the balance of your tyre. This will help you to detect if there is any unevenness. Do not forget to check/get checked the distribution of weight as well. If there is any issue, you can get it fixed with the help of an expert before this leads to wear and tear in the tyre. 

Last but not the least, the alignment of the tyre is also very important. An uneven alignment of the tyre can make the handling of the vehicle difficult. It can also cause the tyre to wear in an uneven and premature manner which can lead to the burst of the tyre. A professional or an expert mechanic in a service centre can handle all these matters. You can reach out to them for their services. 

General Safety Points To Note 

Along with getting the help of a professional, you should also make sure that you take all the self-precautionary measures yourself. These will help you to maintain optimum safety. These can start from making sure that your vehicle is not overloaded. Apart from that, you can make sure that you get all the regular replacements suggested by your mechanic. You can always carry a tyre safety kit as well. Getting your tyres rotated is also a great way. Please also make sure that you do not over-speed, however tempting it may seem to look at the UAE roads. 

Making sure that you follow all of these safety trips religiously can help you make your life so much better. You can also make sure that you and your loved one’s life,  in the car is secure and safe. This can also help you to prolong the life of your vehicle by avoiding accidents. 

Bonus Tip!

The best thing to do is to get your tyre replaced after every 5 years. How do you find the date of manufacture of your tyre? It is the last 4 digits of the DOT code that you see on your tyre. The first 2 digits stand for the week of manufacture whereas the last 2 digits refer to the year of manufacture. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Consider this a sign to go check your tyres!