Awfa began her career working with the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization in war-torn Iraq, but very soon it became evident that she had to leave her home country in order to survive and find a future for herself and to assist her family back home. Awfa’s professional and career life has taken many turns and spanned across Iraq, Jordan, Canada but she always knew she wanted to return to the Middle East and so did she, after her marriage. 

With family life being front and center, she wanted to work and be independent and the idea of an Event Planning Company was born and Awfa co-founded ‘Najahi’ with her friend, Zina Al Zuhairi. Najahi was founded in February 2016 to solely deliver motivational seminars that inspire the audience to think outside the box and achieve the unimagined.

What are you doing? How did you get where you are today here and what is your key secret for reaching here? 

My friend and I founded Najahi Events Organization to bring financial literacy, Financial Freedom, motivational and inspirational events, and coaching to the region. We were personally inspired by these events, however, to attend them, we had to travel to Europe, book a flight, hotel, ticket, and take time off from work. 

We decided to bring those events to UAE and GCC residents, to our back yard, to provide access to education to everyone here without the hassle of travel. We owe all our success to the learning we had through these events.

What brings you joy?

Receiving a thank you email from a customer. They thanked us for bringing all these events to UAE! It is incredibly rewarding to receive such positive feedback, knowing how positively Najahi influenced people’s lives.

What would you tell a young graduate today?

While education is key to securing a job, don't stop learning there. Read a book a month, attend educational and motivational seminars at least 3 times a year. Never stop learning.