Each year we begin by making new resolutions and determinations. But New Year resolutions are outdated because the day you wake up and decide to change your life, that is the New Year for you. So if you are looking for motivation to bring a change from within, this is your sign.

If you are bored of the same old pattern, life has become tedious and monotonous, now is the time to start focusing on yourself. To change some old habits and create some new ones. To practice some self-care and take that steering wheel of your life into your own hands. To stop letting people take advantage of you and drive your own self, towards your success. It is about time for it, isn’t it?

With Ramadan around the corner, this is your wake-up call. So now you are going to get some insights as to where to start, how to start, and what to do to bring about that human revolution that inspires others as well. 

Start at whatever month you wish to, but remember to make sure you follow this for a period of a year. Take small steps, no pressure but get your mind to follow these. 

1st Month - Manage Finances

Well, money matters, and matters relating to money can really be a subconscious reason that keeps bothering you. This is the time that you need to get organized. Plan out your savings and investment. 

Make a record of where you spend money. Cancel the subscriptions and memberships you no longer use and invest in schemes! If you have any coupons pending to avail, AVAIL THEM NOW!

2nd Month - Unplug

Declutter your mind. Plan to take out some time for yourself each day where you relax and put your mind to ease. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate routine or spa day. Just 10 minutes every day. Baby steps, remember? 

Maintain a journal, pen down your thoughts. Write one good thing and one bad thing each day.  Talk to a friend, make yourself a milkshake or pour yourself a drink,  go for a walk, or spend some time in the garden reading 1 chapter of a book, don’t use social media. Do what you enjoy doing the most, this will help you to get rid of stress.

3rd Month - Nature – Cheaper than Therapy

For the third month, we spend the money we saved in the first. Quite literally, because we are going amidst nature to take a break. You do not have to have an expensive vacation. A one-day getaway to the desert or beach to appreciate nature is enough. You can ask your friend to tag along or take a solo trip, whatever you like! But take at least 2 trips this month.

4th Month - Stop Being Unsure 

Include optimism in your lifestyle! Stop being so unsure about everything. When somebody asks you to take a coffee break, say yes. Keep a check on yourself for all those times you say no to an opportunity coming your way. 

We get so trained at saying no that we miss out on all the wonderful things to learn that life offers us. If you are not confident about something, say yes at first go and learn that thing later.   You might discover a new career prospect on the way!

5th Month - We Are Getting A Hobby 

A hobby is not just a great way of avoiding boredom, but it can actually be a great way to relieve stress, change the mood, and something that makes you happy in the busy world. You can join a book club if you like reading or even a movie club. Join a baking course, dance class, music, pottery, photography, paint class, the possibilities are endless. 

Today, raisin painting and fluid painting are really popular. Go try it out, remember we are saying yes? A hobby can also help you to meet new people. Trust me, it is going to fill your life with new energy. 

6th Month - A New Skill 

These days there are so many apps and online courses that can help you to learn a new skill. It could be anything that helps you to climb the corporate ladder, like a tableau. You could also learn a new language, coding, there is so much you can do. Join a short course and be regular with it.

7th Month - Bidding Adieu To A Bad Habit

That habit which you know is bad for you, yes the one that crossed your mind, is the one we are getting rid of in the 7th month. 6 months have made you courageous to get rid of it. 

Whether it is smoking or biting your nails, find a bad habit and find a replacement for it. You can switch to chewing gum that helps you to stop biting your nail. You can find a partner to keep a check on you and practice the same with you. 

8th Month - Something New

There is no limit to the amount of learning you can do. So for the 8th month, find something new to learn. You can find something that is not time-consuming like a new dish or a new cuisine. Visit someplace in the city that you have not visited, switch your workout routine. It is all about experimenting and having fun!

9th Month - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

Sustainable living should be a part of everyday lifestyle. If it isn’t yet, then you can start small. Switch to paper bags from plastic ones. Make a note to turn off lights when not in use. 

Find ways to reduce carbon footprints. Make creative things from waste. Recycle paper or glass. You can also join an organization for this cause. It is going to make you feel better from within.  

10th Month - Organization Is The Key!

I can’t emphasize this enough, declutter your workplace. From your office desk to your house’s study, organize your space. Put all those filed lying around into their respective places. 

Digitalise whatever documents you can and get a shredder to get rid of the waste. Get planners and binders to plan your week and daily tasks prior. Make notes of deadlines and important meetings to become punctual and professional. You can also make labels to get sorted. 

11th Month - Healthy Eating

Throw away that bag of chips that you have hidden in the cabinet. Start by cutting down the intake of those salty and sugary junk and snacks and include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. For the time of the day when you tend to eat unhealthily, keep a box of nuts and dry fruits handy. Include juices and smoothies in your routine to get those essential vitamins!

12th Month - Be Kind!

Being generous is something that should be practiced all year long. Now is the time to notice your habits and check if you are doing something that brings a smile to at least one person’s face. 

Give gifts without occasion, volunteer for the community, donate some food or money if you can, and support a cause. Extend help to a fellow colleague or give someone some of your time. 

The change starts from within you. The moment you resolve to change the pattern, it happens! Remember it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so get started now. You have extra 9 days if you slip, but try not to. It is the right time to become a better you