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Towing service refers to taking away a vehicle that has been parked illegally using an official truck. They take the vehicles to a place from where the driver has to pay to pick them up. The towing companies warn the people that they are not allowed to park the vehicles here otherwise the car will be towed away.
Towing Services means a person engaged in the business of a vehicle wrecker whereby disabled motor vehicles are towed. In other words, they are removed from the place where they are disabled by the use of a wrecker by a truck or an automobile.
Towing refers to the process of pulling or hauling a vehicle with a chain or other mechanism designed for its transportation.

The Type of Car Recovery Services offered by the Towing Companies in the UAE include -

  • Normal winch towing service- This requires a hook at the end of a chain attached to the tow truck and to be connected to the front of the breakdown vehicle.Hydraulic towing services- The weight of the portion hoisted onto the hydraulic arm distributes evenly over it which leads to better safety to the vehicle during transportation.
  • Flatbed towing Service- A tow truck has a flat platform to which cars or motorcycles can be driven or pulled into.
  • Closed container tow trucks- A closed container body placed on the chassis of a truck makes it the safest way of towing. Usually used for long-distance towing of Antique Cars, Sports cars, Luxury cars, closed container tow trucks are used.
It is very important that the right type of tow truck is chosen for a car based on vehicle type and distance. Vehicle and Car Recovery Services refers to the recovery of vehicle to another place with a commercial vehicle known as a recovery vehicle, tow truck, or spectacle lift.

Towing Companies In UAE

The main objective of towing companies is to take a breakdown vehicle from one place to another. They perform this action at the request of the vehicle owner of the property. In case of violation of rules, the owner has the right to get their vehicles towed off the premises. On Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE, you can avail of vehicle recovery services in all segments of the UAE.
Many car recovery and roadside assistance services are available with their complete information on our web portal. Only the verified vehicle recovery service providers are registered so that you can rely upon the towing services in Dubai. The web portal offers its services from all parts of the UAE covering Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al ain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm al Quwain.