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GRP Water Tank
Al Jawda Fibre Glass one of the best fibre glass companies in UAE provides fibre glass products, frp water tanks, plastic water tank, grp products, Po ...(more)

locationAl Jurf 1 & 3, Asman, near Chinamall Jurf, Ajman,Ajman,United Arab Emirates

Get All Types Of High-Quality Water Tanks

Water tanks are an essential product. Required for the storage of water, these tanks have a range of applications. They are not only used to store drinking water but are also utilised in the field of fire suppression, food preparation, chemical industry, and more. The parameters of a quality water tank include its design, material, linings, and structure. Tank manufacturers in UAE provide tanks made of polyethylene or polypropylene, steel water tank, stone, concrete, and fibreglass or grp water tank.A stainless steel water tank can be durable for up to 15 years. However, it requires regular servicing. On the other hand, poly water tanks come with a warranty of 25 years.

The most prominent type of water tank is the grp water tank. It is a unit for water storage made from glass-reinforced plastic material, hence the name. Grp tank manufacturers layer and combine glass fibre which is then woven together to create a flexible material. This is then put into a mould and strengthened into a rigid state by adding polyester resin. 
The benefits of contacting a grp water tank supplier in UAE and getting a grp tank are numerous.

The grp tanks are highly durable and resistant to extreme temperatures and weather. Steel water tank and aluminium can corrode for once but grp tanks require minimum maintenance. GRP Water Tanks deliver structural integrity as they are fabricated in one piece. There are no welds, seals or rivets which could hamper or weaken over time. Moreover, GRP Water Tanks inherent UV immunity, the structural integrity isn't lost over the years out of sun exposure. Grp tank manufacturers also design this tank in a way that is very versatile. It is manufactured to not only store water but can store other chemicals at a varying concentration. 

Find Verified Water Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers

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