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The Far East food is a new gastronomical phenomenon that has appeared on the Pacific Coast of Russia and absorbed the traditions of settlers, indigenous peoples, and the homemade cuisine of the inhabitants of the Far East together along with borrowings from Asia. In the Far East, the principle of living on what nature gives has been the fact of mental & economic reality. Sea and forest hunting, gathering wild plants are integral parts of local people's culture.

The far east restaurant begins the cuisine with seafood. The waters of the Sea of Japan, create a huge opportunity to enjoy crab, mussels, sea cucumber, and scallop.
The Far East food includes many wild ingredients such as mussels, sea cucumbers, scallops. Some of these are grown in a natural environment. The cooking methods of the far east restaurants allow their healthy properties to be maximally preserved. The far east food can be thought of as a layer-cake.

The first layer is the culinary traditions of the Far East peoples like slices of frozen fish. The second layer may include Russian and Ukrainian dishes including local ingredients. Dumplings with squid, seaweed borshch, and salmon ukha are good examples. The third layer includes borrowings from Chinese (wok), Korean and Japanese cuisine.
Some people in UAE prefer to enjoy nature’s food. The far east restaurants in Dubai bring an opportunity for them to have far east food with its nature-related properties.

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Enjoy the mixing of far east recipes like Thai pad, Thai noodle salad, basic bulgogi, Philippine style chicken, Pork afritada, Natto soba, rice vermicelli with chicken, massaman chicken, and much farther east plaza food.  Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE provides you with information of Far east restaurants of Dubai, Abu Dhabi & other places of the UAE. Renowned far east restaurants in various segments of the UAE Dubai are enlisted with our portal. Only the verified service providers are enlisted with us from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm al Quwain and the other cities of UAE.