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Install Plastic Pipes & Fittings In Every Project To Avail The Freedom From Useless Issues!

Plastic Pipes & Fittings are used in all projects these days! Chlorinated Polyvinyl chloride also known as CPVC pipes are thermoplastic products made using CPVC resins. They are among the strongest and long lasting pipes and fittings that have been used for over 60 years. The Plastic Pipes & Fittings are more flexible and are able to withstand higher temperatures.

PVC pipes are invulnerable to synthetic chemicals, and can endure high temperatures and pressure. Also it make it ideal material for commercial, residential, industrial, piping & fire sprinklers.

Plastic pipes & fittings come with a remarkable mixture of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride material. These have physical properties that are suitable for plumbing applications for chilled and hot water systems. 

The renowned plastic pipes manufacturers in UAE use the most advanced technology and the finest raw materials to make UPVC pipes & plumbing fittings.

Applications for Plastic Pipes & Fittings:

  • Plastic Pipes & Fittings work well for cold and hot water distribution in industrial and residential projects. 
  • These are utilized to transport the liquids for food and drinking, as well as in water treatment systems.
  • Also these are employed in industrial plumbing systems for chemical applications. 
  • Hot corrosive fluids including a broad range of bases, inorganic acids can also be transported using PVC pipes.
  • These pipes are used for water as well as fire sprinklers sheets, rods for automotive and industrial parts.

Various Parts Are Available For Plastic Pipes & Fittings From The Renowned Manufacturers & Suppliers:

  • CPVC Threaded Pipe Fitting

    Threaded pipe fittings are utilized to join pipes with other fittings for bathroom plumbing devices like showers, taps pumps, tanks, etc. The threads can be made of CPVC or Brass. Most often Brass insert CPVC fittings are suggested for hot water applications. 

    • CPVC Union

    It's a mix that includes a plain adaptor, threaded adaptor and threaded rings. The main role of a union is to join two pipes, similar to sockets.

    • CPVC Valves

    The primary function of valves is that they control the flow. Most valves are similar to CPVC Ball valves and CPVC concealed valves utilized in pipes.

    Flange joint is a means to connect valves, pipes pumps, and other equipment to create a piping system. It also gives the ability to easily clean. Flange joints are constructed by bolting two flanges with a gasket to create a sealing.Furthermore, CPVC fittings are less heavy they are also easier to install and are more durable than UPVC fittings.In UAE, many projects are upcoming & have been installed with PVC pipes & fittings. These pipes make you away from the hell lot troubles including bad odour problems, leakages & rusting of pipes, clogged drains, low pressure at shower heads & much more.

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