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List of Pipes & Pipe Fittings Manufacturers & Suppliers in UAE

Pipes and pipe fittings are the connecting pipes used to establish an entire plumbing network. There are many fittings for pipes that are used in the piping system, each with different functions. They are used to join pipes and for controlling the flow of pipes.

In this respect it is crucial to identify the kind of pipes and pipe fittings that will be suitable to the specific requirements of your installation to ensure stability and security in your pipe system.

There are some guidelines to be followed before determining the proper size. Although the majority of fittings have identical openings on both sides but some have distinct openings. These fittings let pipes be moved between sizes.

Different kinds of pipes and pipe fittings are used for plumbing systems: 

  • Cross Fittings, Tee, Wye and Wye

  • Coupling, Adapter Bushing and Union Fittings

  • Fittings for trap and flange

  • Cap, plug, and nipple fittings

The very important factor is to know the dimensions of pipe fittings. Also you need to find out the sizing guidelines which are required before installing pipes & pipe fittings. Not all the pipe fittings have the same openings at each end. Some are there with different sized openings.


Important Questions For Which You Must Find The Answers First:

  • What types of pipes & pipe fittings are available for plumbing systems?

  • How they are connected?

  • What materials they are made out of?


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