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Get Screen Printing Done In UAE

Screen printing or silk screen printing as it is also commonly called is a technique that is used to print graphics and designs on cloth, usually t-shirts. Thick inks are utilized in this process and it the design stays on top of the shirt. It is not a dye process therefore the ink is not soaked. The designs created by screen printing are very bright and attractive. The design even though lays on top, does not feel superimposed on touch and is very soft.

A thin mesh is stretched over a frame and a negative of the desired design is printed on the screen. This has to be placed against the shirt. After this is set well, the ink is rolled on the screen and only the areas where the design is printed get the ink.

Screen Printing is widely used on T-shirts. T-shirts are graphic printed on the large scale and these are produced in large quantities. Screen printing is not used for these products but is also greatly used for tote bags, purses, mousepads, jackets, flags, banners, bandanas, signs, etc.

Screen printing is also extremely popular because it helps to get customized products. You can get the colors you want and the kind of graphic image and design printed on T-shirts the way you like. Many businesses get their customized uniform shirts, merchandise, etc. printed as per their requirement. Apart from cotton, silk screen printing can also be done on other fabrics like polyester, viscose, silk, etc.

Find The Leading Screen Printing Companies in UAE

There are various companies offering screen printing services in Dubai and other segments of the UAE. They have modern press and equipment through which they carry out the printing work. These companies can perform screen printing on the materials you require. You can get screen printing on materials like glass, plastic, metal, etc., and get custom signage, posters, labels, badges, etc. created for your business.

At our portal, you will find a list of these leading companies that provide screen printing services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain, and other locations in UAE. We have the verified companies registered with us so you can rest assured that they provide the most high-quality silk screen printing solutions using the most advanced machines and equipment.