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Reach The Best Pharmaceutical Companies In UAE With Etisalat Yellow Pages

Pharmaceutical companies in UAE are flourishing well in various segments. Modern people demand superior products that offer improved functionality as well as taste and shelf-life. The wholesalers have recognized that in addition to high standard products, trust and commitment are essential to ensure a reliable supply to pharmaceutical companies. The renowned companies’ natural excipients collection provides key functionalities for various pharmaceutical products. 

Pharmaceutical companies in UAE ensure constant quality, consistent supply of citrate components as well as the value-added services you require.

Various Types of Pharmaceutical Products

Citrate Products:

Companies offer a full range of citrate components for clients in the pharmaceutical and health industries. Citrate ingredients are used in a myriad of pharmaceutical applications including pH adjustment, stabilization, and flavor enhancements.


Isomalt is made by the isomerization and catalytic hydrogenation process of sucrose. It is then solidified and milled. Because of its low hygroscopicity and moderate relative sweetness, it is used in the production of transparent and non-sticky hard caramels that are boiled. Pharmaceutical companies also provide an improved grade of isomalt offering interesting options in formulas for tablets and granulation.

How Can Isomalt Be Put In Use?
  • Sugar-free bulking agent for bulking
  • Coating agent
  • Granulating agent
  • Diluting tablets and capsules for tablets

Sorbitol is made by catalytic hydrogenation of glucose and is sold as a crystalline, free-flowing powder as well as in solution in aqueous form.

The sorbitol crystal is an exclusive excipient that allows tablet compression directly. Sorbitol has exceptional flow properties which ensure an even mixing process and constant weight of the tablet. Special varieties of sorbitol were specifically designed in relation to the size of the particle and distribution. They also have flow characteristics and the reduction of compression force required for direct compression.

What Do Sorbital Pharmaceutical Products Function For?
  • Taste masking agent
  • Non-cariogenic sweetener agent
  • Anti-crystallizing agent
  • Agent for bodying

Maltodextrins can be obtained through an incomplete hydrolysis process of starch in which the polymer structure that is fundamental to it is preserved.  These are water-soluble non-sweet, non-sweet substances which are available as spray-dried powders.

Maltodextrins can be used as diluents in single-unit dosage preparations, like sachets. Due to their polymer nature, they also provide excellent binding agents to compress directly.

How Does Maltodextrin Put In Use?
  • Solid Dosage Forms.
  • Excellent diluent that can be used in direct compression, & dry and wet Granulation.
  • Diluents in capsules as well as powder formulations.
  • Liquid dosage formulations.
  • Agent to increase viscosity and also a crystallization inhibition in the formulations for liquids.
  • Carbohydrate Source in Nutritional Oral Supplements.
Maize Starch

Maize starch provided by pharmaceutical companies was among the first excipients used in the preparation of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Based on the purpose the starch can be used as a dissolving agent or binder.

The pharmaceutical companies in UAE offer a variety of types of maize starch. They provide regular maize starch, high moisture starch, and white maize starch. Starches made of white maize differ with respect to their zeaxanthin content, which results in better whiteness of the starch. Based on the purpose and the importance in the design of the finished product either of them can be used.

In UAE, many renowned pharmaceutical companies have been established since the use of pharmaceutical products is increasing day by day.

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