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Save Your Precious Clothing & Laundry With The Best Laundry Equipment Suppliers In UAE!

Laundry equipment suppliers in UAE satisfy the requirement of dry cleaning equipment for retailers & wholesalers. They deal in a wide range of laundry and dry cleaning equipment.

What Are Laundry Equipment & Tools?

Laundry Equipment are tools and machineries which are used in laundry services. Huge stocks of guest room linen, bathroom linen, uniforms, routine clothing, kid’s attires, and much more are available at many places which are required to be washed & dry cleaned.  

Let’s brief some of the Essential Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment:

  • Washer- The laundry stays in an external shell with wash water of varying capacities. The clothes are washed and rinsed by rotating backwards & forwards. The water is agitated along with the clothes to rinse off the dirty water.

  • Spin Dryers have a dual drum for drying the clothes at high speed.

  • Ironers have pairs of heated & padded rollers which rotate and iron clothes.

  • Tunnel Dry are used to dry the Clothes by hanging them on conveyor belts to pass through a tunnel. Hot air is blown in the tunnel which dry the articles before exit.

  • Spotting Unit is a laundry and dry cleaning equipment which aids in cleaning and removing stains.

Numerous laundry cleaners are available in different segments of the UAE providing laundry services as well as dry cleaning. Dry cleaners in UAE use various chemicals in the dry cleaning process like Perchloroethylene, Glycol Ethers, Hydrocarbons, Liquid Silicone, Liquid Carbon Dioxide etc. The renowned laundry & dry cleaning equipment suppliers provide various kinds of equipment & tools to these available dry cleaners.

Find out the best laundry equipment suppliers in the UAE on Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE. They deal in various laundry equipment of high quality to clean garments, blankets, bed sheets, sofa covers, linens, clothes & much more at best prices. The laundry equipment suppliers in UAE provide the delivery of the laundry equipment within efficient time.

Many laundry materials suppliers in UAE provide their laundry equipment & supplies to the renowned laundry & dry cleaners. You can get a wide range of laundry & dry cleaning equipment for residential & commercial purposes