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Beautiful Vanity Counter Tops in UAE To Enhance Your Personal Spaces!

Vanity counters and vanity tops can be made from a variety of countertop materials just like kitchen countertops. Vanity counters are sized to match the sizes of bathroom vanity cabinets, with an overhang at the front and sides. Vanity cabinets typically range from 24 inches to 60 inches in size. You can find vanity tops to match all these stock vanity cabinet sizes.

Various designs and styles of vanity counter tops are available with the vanity counter top manufacturers and suppliers in UAE.

Vessel top vanity counters are designed with stylish vessel sinks, elevated basins that rest on the vanity top. You can drill the drain opening wherever you mount the sink basin. Single bowl vanity top allows you increased countertop space since no raised rim is on the sink. A double bowl vanity counter top with two basins and solid-surface material allows you to have a uniform appearance.

Vanity Console consisting of a one-piece vanity counter top refers to a bathroom vanity, mirror, and a storage cabinet that are sold together for one price. You may find them with a thin layer of wood veneer applied for decorative purposes.

What are The Best Materials For Vanity Counter Tops?

Choose a vanity counter top to have beautiful and functional choices at every price point. What all your vanity top choice need is to be able to stand up to water, soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, and other important things. The leading choices for vanity counter tops may include granite, marble, solid surfaces, tile, and wood. 

  • Granite is a beautiful choice for vanity counter tops with patterns from subtle to bold.

  • Quartz vanity counter tops bond together using resins and does not require sealing which is resistant to moisture and stains.

  • Marble for vanity counter top is a long-lasting choice that can be polished to a bright shine.

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