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Cool, Safe & Neat Ceilings Can Be Availed By Installing Raised Floors!

Raised floors are the elevated floor systems. These structural floors are placed above a reinforced concrete slab. These are installed to create a hidden void for the passage of various mechanical and electrical services.

Raised floors are used for ventilating cold air. Also in a data center, raised floors are built two inches to four feet above a concrete floor. Raised access flooring creates a space which can be used for cooling, electrical and mechanical services. When floor raised platforms are used, facilities reduce the amount of air needed to cool equipment & they require less energy. The raised access floors when installed on thermal behaviour in commercial buildings can reduce the cooling load by approximately 40 per cent.

What Are The Benefits of Using Raised Access Flooring?

  • Keeping Cool-The Servers systems in data centers generate a huge amount of heat. They require a proper temperature to operate & the raised floors helps to keep the surface cool

  • Cabling and Additional Equipment- Having a raised floor in a data center makes it easier to do install cabling & additional equipment. It can also help to hide the number of cables and power plugs.

  • Flexible Design- While designing the raised floors it should be considered for the future development needs. This helps in making free space needed to install future equipment.

  • Raised Floor Tile Maintenance- Raised access floorings must be cleaned to keep out pollutants so that they could not pose a hazard to operations. This ensures the less risk of equipment failure.

Elevated access floor are made of panels with a cover supported on vertical pedestals. The height of these can be modified as per the requirement thereby creating a space which allows the various systems to be installed. Raised floor systems are used in specialized areas like IT labs, computer rooms and data centers, open office areas, conference areas, support spaces like electrical closets & fan rooms.

In UAE, raised access floors are widely used for running wires, electrical wiring and HVAC ducts in offices & residential buildings. The cables and electrical wiring through the open space between the raised floors allows easy access and flexibility. The electrical wiring can be re-routed or replaced without renovation. When floors raised are installed in a house it gives becomes effective in heating and cooling the house.

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