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Avail Crystal Clear Windows In UAE By Window Cleaning Equipment and Supplies!
Window cleaning equipment when used in the right way, do not leave smudges, stains, or dirt. The window cleaning tools and systems wipe away all the debris and dirt from the window.

What are the right window cleaning equipment and supplies to effectively clean your windows?
Specifically, there are different types of cleaning equipment that are readily available in the market. Don’t be confused about the right window cleaning equipment you require. Search on Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE to find the leading companies providing window cleaning equipment and supplies. They will supply you with five common window cleaning equipment including Washer, Squeegee, Bucket, Scraper, and Extension Pole.

  • A washer or Scrubber is a window cleaning tool to apply the chemical to the windows directly. Find them readily in different sizes, sleeves, and T-bars. The sleeves have abrasive pads, which are in cotton and microfiber fabric.
  • Squeegee is used to dry your window for a crystal clear finish. Rubber is an integral part of the squeegee which helps to maintain and keep it free from any cracks.
  • Bucket which is required for the window cleaning solution. It should long enough for the washer.
  • Scrapper is used to removing debris being accumulated in the window. It has a very sharp razor blade that runs towards the length of the window and removes the dirt.
  • Extension Pole is an essential window cleaning equipment which is recommended to stretch it to the maximum length to lose rigidity and strength. 
What is a water-fed window cleaning pole?

Water-fed window cleaning poles are used by window cleaners. There is a brush at the top of the long pole which uses pure water to clean. The water is shooting up to a small tube till the brush. Then the windows are scrubbed with the brush and rinsed off well.
Many renowned companies in UAE have established dealing in window cleaning equipment and tools. Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE provides you with an updated list of companies dealing in window cleaning equipment and supplies. They all deal in high-quality tools and equipment that too at best prices.