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Install High-Quality Heating Elements

A heating element converts electrical energy into heat through the process of Joule heating. Electric current through the element encounters resistance which results in heating of the element. Types of heating elements:

  • Metal- Metallic resistance heating elements may be wire or ribbon, straight or coiled. These are used in common heating devices like toasters, hairdryers, furnaces for industrial heating elements, floor heating, roof heating, etc. The most common classes of heating element materials include Nichrome, kanthal, cupronickel, etc.
  • Ceramic & semiconductor heating elements-molybdenum disilicide, silicon carbide, silicon nitride,
  • Thick film heaters are a type of resistive heater that can be printed on a thin substrate.
  • Polymer PTC heating elements can be made by conducting rubber materials where the resistivity increases exponentially with increasing temperature.
  • Industrial heaters are used in a variety of processes & appliances where the temperature of an object needs to be increased. Industrial heating elements work by converting electrical energy into heat. The heat is then transferred to the process through various forms of heat transfer.
Nichrome is the most resistant wire heating element used in water heaters. Nichrome 80/20 is an ideal material to be used as a water heater element because it has relatively high resistance and forms an adherent layer of chromium oxide when it is heated for the first time. Nichrome wire is an alloy made from nickel and chromium. It resists heat and oxidation and serves as a heating element wire in most electrical products. Hobbyists use nichrome wire in ceramic sculpture and glassmaking.

The heating element wire can also be found in laboratories, construction, and specialized electronics.
Electric heating elements are used in majorly all electrical appliances & gadgets. Avail the trusted heating elements from the verified industrial heating elements manufacturers in UAE. Many construction projects are going on in different segments of the UAE. Various heating elements are required for many purposes. Avail of the best heating elements & get them installed at your place.

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