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Get Different Types of Unit Heaters From Unit Heaters Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE
Unit heaters are a stand-alone appliance that serves heat to space. These are able to operate with different energy sources. The unit heaters have a heat exchanger with which the fan blows air from the room to be heated. The basic working of a unit heater is done through a coil heated by hot water, steam, electric resistance, or gas combustion thereby providing a direct supply of warm air.

Types of Unit Heaters:

You can avail different models of unit heaters from the varied options. 

  • Natural gas or propane
  • Hot water
  • Electric

Gas-Fired Unit Heaters
Natural or propane fuel can be used to heat the gas unit heaters. To remove flue contaminates, they must be vented outside. These heaters are easy to mount and can provide heat in a small space. There are many ways to use these heaters in any space, even those that require separate combustion.

Hot Water Unit Heaters
For operation, hot water heaters need heat sources such as a boiler at home. These units can be connected to your existing boiler system and provide a quiet, efficient heating source for your garage/workspace.

Electric Unit Heaters
Electric unit heaters make use of electricity from your service panel but require no venting. This makes a good solution for usage in the garage without gas lines or vent pipes. The next important factor which helps to decide about the type of unit heaters is the Space! What is the size of the commercial or industrial space you are looking to heat? Your licensed contractor will need to provide basic information about the space. He will need to measure the space and calculate heat loss. Only then can you decide on the type of heater to use!

Searching for Unit Heaters Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE?

Check out the list of companies that offer a variety of Unit Heaters for industrial or commercial space. Unit heater manufacturers are the best in the business. They provide heaters that will keep your home, workplace, or outbuilding cool. You can find a wide range of unit heaters like oil-fired heaters, electric heaters, hot water heaters, commercial gas heaters, and many more.

Many renowned heater manufacturers are registered with us dealing in various types of unit heaters in Dubai, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al ain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain, and other segments of the UAE. The registered dealers & manufacturers are verified & provide high-quality unit heaters at the best & competitive prices.