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Multi-Purpose Glass Reinforced Plastic For GRP Pipes & Other Products

GRP Pipes refer to Glass Reinforced Plastics pipes which are composite material pipes consisting of a polymer matrix that is reinforced with glass fibers. These pipes have very high corrosion resistance ability and are widely used for low-temperature corrosion-resistant applications. Glass reinforced plastic can be used in a variety of settings from residential, to commercial, and the education sector.

Since these are popular for strengthened properties like resistance to corrosion, abrasive chemicals, and weather, GRP products are used in the construction sector as well. 
Grp pipe manufacturers in UAE are located in different segments. They deal in a wide variety of grp products including grp sheets, grp panels, grp pipes, and many more related products.

Glass reinforced plastics are commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, robots, machinery, marine, and construction industries. Glass fiber reinforced plastics use textile-grade glass fibers. These textile fibers are different from other forms of glass fibers. These are used to trap air and for insulating applications.

Manufacturing Process of Glass Reinforced Plastic Products

Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipes & doors are manufactured by the widely used helical filament winding method. This involves the usage of glass strand roving impregnated with polyester resin and helically wound on a rotating mandrel at a specified winding angle. The winding process is continuous in bi-directional layers until the desired wall thickness is achieved.

Features of GRP Products:

  • Dampens vibration
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Seamless construction
  • Easy installation and repair
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Lower thermal conductivity
GRP products can be used for various other products like Water pipes or drain coverings, anti-slip protection for dry and wet flooring, helicopter rotor blades, and wind turbine blades. Moreover, hand railings, electronic enclosures, Safety grating in industrial and public areas, sporting equipment are also made using Glass Reinforced Plastic.

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