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Get Trusted Valet Parking Services In UAE

Valet parking service is a parking service offered by restaurants, stores, hotels, hospitals, corporates, & many more organizations. Under valet parking services, customers' vehicles are parked by a specific person called a valet.

A valet is an employee of the valet parking services. The fee is usually either a flat amount based on how long the car is parked on their premises. Valet parking is useful in urban areas where parking space is scarce. In some organizations, valet parking is provided as an optional service and self-parking is also available. For example, usually, hospitals offer valet parking services for the convenience of patients and visitors.

Valet parking companies in the UAE offer:

  • Customers need not walk from a distant parking spot with their heavy loads.
  • People with less time to search for a parking space can valet park without hassles.
  • Valet parking service is especially convenient in bad weather.
  • Most valet attendants are professional and knowledgeable about nearly every keyless ignition of all cars.
  • It is possible for the valet attendants to pack more cars into a given physical space. He holds all the keys and can park the cars too deep.
  • Valet parking service is useful for events where guests arrive at the same time, like a wedding or a party.  

Off-site airport parking refers to parking your car away from the airport. It requires a transfer to and from the airport terminals. The Short-Term airport parking space is provided for those who leave their vehicles for less than 5 hours. Whereas the long-term airport parking space is meant for those who plan to leave their vehicles for more than 5 hours. At some airports, the Long-Term Parking lot is located a bit far off from the terminal so the airport shuttle buses are available to carry passengers. There are Economy and Premium Parking options in airport valet parking services offered by the valet parking companies in Dubai, & in other segments of the UAE. The services differ by conditions and fees at different locations.

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