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An electromechanical engineer is a technician who is trained to work with equipment that implies electric power in order to operate mechanical controls. Electromechanical engineers are skilled and have a comprehensive knowledge of electricity and working with it as well as both electronics and mechanics. Electromechanical engineers are engaged in the designing, development, testing, and manufacture of electric and computer-operated mechanical equipment. 

Electromechanical services are usually required in industries with the usage of computers and office machines. They are required to operate and ensure the working of electromechanical equipment such as photocopy and other machines, as well as ensure the working of other computer-related hardware and equipment. They are also responsible for servicing and maintaining office machines and computers and provide other related electromechanical  services

Electromechanical engineers also offer their expert services in many other industries where electromechanical equipment of various sorts are required such as automatic doors and sliding gates, elevators and escalators, vending machines and other office machines, biometrics, and access control systems, automatic pilot systems, maintaining records through specialized hardware and software, security system, etc. Often, electromechanical services are required to control and operate many devices used in the manufacturing industries. 

An engineering consultant is an expert that offers technical solutions and engineering advisory to clients. They are highly-skilled, and with their knowledge of industry regulations and standards, provide technical solutions to the clients after consulting and finding out their technical requirements. Engineering consultants, overall, are required to meet with the clients to understand their engineering requirements. They do this by making consultation visits to the client’s site, make plans, and provide project management services for the implementation of the technical procedures. 

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