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Stay Free By Installing Automatic Doors & Gates At Public Places In UAE!

Automatic doors & gates are installed at many places to avoid hassles. Imagine keeping the belongings & valuables in cupboards without flaps. Our wardrobes carry hinges & doors so that the things remain safe inside. We have doors & gates in our house to stay safe inside. Automatic doors & gates are used to control access into a secured area.

Automatic gates are also used at interior areas within a facility. These may be installed at the main entrance of manufacturing plant, official buildings, shopping complexes, and various other places. All vehicles entering and exiting the place must do so through the automatic gate.

How do automatic doors & gates work?

Automatic doors operate with the help of sensors. Sensors do exactly what they sound. They sense things. They may be built on door frame. When these optic or motion sensors sense motion nearby, they trigger the automatic doors to open and then close.

Automatic door openers use electricity to power a motor inside the unit to open the doors. Auto openers will slowly open the door and if the door bumps into anything it can stop and reverse the swing motion.

Various types of automatic doors & gates are available to be installed at different places. You can also install automatic sliding doors, sliding gates, revolving doors.

The automatic sliding door are developed to suit all levels of duty from lightweight panels for medium traffic & heavy duty panels for high density traffic requiring frequent and continuous use. Also you will find automatic revolving doors at many places. These are equipped with drive units and sensor systems, to operate the door automatically. Three or four wing revolving doors are cost-efficient and are commonly used in banks, shopping complex, hotels, office, high rise buildings, cinema halls, hotels, clubs and many more places.

In UAE many high rise buildings & shopping centres have been established.  These automatic doors & gates are installed at high pace at all places like banks, clubs, offices, cinema halls. These doors check the sensor & automatically open & close the doors.

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