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A chemical product is a form of matter which has constant chemical composition and properties. Chemical products can be simple substances, chemical compounds, or alloys. A common example of a chemical product is pure water. It has the same properties of hydrogen and oxygen whether it is isolated from a river or in a laboratory. Chemical products exist as solids, liquids, gases and may change between these phases of matter with the changes in temperature.

The chemical industry comprises all those companies that produce industrial chemicals. They convert raw materials like natural gas, air, water metals, etc. into different products. There are various cleaning chemicals that are used at homes and industries like baking powder, laundry bleach, toilet cleaners, smelling salts, sugar, table salt, and many others. 
Various chemical manufacturers are available in the markets who deal in various kinds of industrial chemicals, cleaning chemicals, chemical plants.

Varied Types of chemical manufacturing industries are established which manufacture various industrial and cleaning chemicals:

  • Inorganic and Organic Chemical manufacturing Industries
  • Fertilizer chemical manufacturing Industries
  • Refineries and Petroleum chemical manufacturing Industries
  • Pesticides Chemical manufacturing industries
  • Electroplating and heat-treating chemical manufacturing industry
  • Oil and soap chemical manufacturing industry
Chemical manufacturing Industries convert the raw materials into desired products that we use in our day-to-day life. The food Industry uses various chemical products as preservatives which help them to maintain the quality of the food. Chemical products are used to export food to different parts of the world. The cleaning processes at our homes are done with a huge variety of cleaning chemical products like washing clothes, cleaning floors, cleaning dishes, etc. Cleaning chemicals are used by many industries like hotels and restaurants, production units, manufacturing industries, households, etc. 

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