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Get Quality Electroplating In UAE

Electroplating is the process where the metal object is coated with other metal. This is done by the use of an electrical current that passes through a chemical solution. The entire electroplating process consists of a system that includes cathode and anode plates, an electrolytic solution as well as an electrical current. It is a widely used process in industries as it helps to refine the surface qualities of objects such as lubricity, electrical conductivity, appearance, reflectivity, as well as resistance to abrasion. Through electroplating, you can change the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the object being worked upon. The metals which are commonly used in the electroplating process are copper, tin, nickel, zinc, silver, palladium, gold, etc. With the electroplating of the metals the appearance of the object is improved, there is also an improved hardness, resistance to heat, and thickness.  Electroplating chemicals are used for electroplating that is required by many industries like automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace, etc. 

There are various chemicals that are used in the electroplating process according to the metal that is being electroplated such as -

  • Arsine Gas
  • Chromic Acid 
  • Nitric Acid
  • Sulphuric Acid

Listed Here Are Leading Electroplating Companies in UAE

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