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Valves have several applications in many industrial uses as well as for plumbing purposes like in appliances and fittings. Valves like a ball valve and other valves are also used in household appliances. The usage of valves is for the purpose of regulating the flow of liquid or gas that comes out of a pipe. There are various types of valves like solenoid hand angle valves, out of which the three main types namely are ball valves, switching valves, control valves, and isolation valves. Switching valves have a mechanism that is three-way to ensure their operation. The control valves are used to manage or stop the flow of the liquid or gas in the piping system. The isolation valves work in only two ways, either full open position or full close position. 

Valves require a regular inspection so as to ensure that they are free of wearing or cracks. They can either be operated by automation or require a manual method. Angle valves are usually utilized in boiler feedwater and warmer channel works and piping plans where the angle valve can also be used as an elbow. A solenoid valve is electromechanically operated. It is used to stop the flow or regulate it through its circuit formation.

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