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Limestone Suppliers In UAE Serving Building & Construction Sectors!

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is composed of pieces of marine organisms. It is found in different crystal forms called calcite and aragonite. One can find limestone in clear and shallow marine waters. Also, it is known as a chemical sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of ocean water.

What Benefits Can You Have With Limestone?

  • Used as a building material in the form of limestone tiles, chippings, floorings, or limestone powder.
  • For producing cement by heating powdered limestone with clay.
  • Found as the main ingredient in our toothpaste.
  • Used as a raw material in the chemical industry.
  • Many decorative materials are made up of limestone.
  • Wastewater treatment is done with ferrous sulphate. 

Many limestone suppliers in UAE have been established in different cities. They deal in various forms of limestone including limestone tiles, limestone powder, limestone floorings, and much more. These are used by building & construction industries on a large scale.

Originality & Usage of Limestone Tiles & Floorings:

Limestone is a naturally dense and hard stone that is used for making tiles. Limestone tiles are used in kitchens & washrooms.  You can avail them in various sizes and styles to be used at various places. Add beauty by installing limestone floorings & limestone tiles in your houses & offices. A wide range of limestone tiles is available in the markets like Clermont gris limestone tiles, Tuscany limestone tiles, grey limestone tiles, etc.

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