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Balsa Wood Suppliers In UAE To Fulfill Your Light Weight Wood Demands!

Balsa wood is used mostly in commercial applications. Usually, you can find their uses in model building, packing, insulation & many other uses. Balsa wood with numerous properties makes it useful for many works. Balsa is a tree that is fast-growing & can grow up to 30 m tall.

Since balsa wood sheet is soft and lightweight, it can be used in many things.
Balsa wood sheets also called balsa wood boards or panels, balsa wood skins, and balsa single ply are used for RC airplanes, sewing, decorations, laser projects, models, towers, laminates, surfboards, ultra-light balsa airplanes, and many more such products.

What Quality of Balsa Wood Is Available?

  • Extra Light for making wood model
  • Light enough to float on water
  • Balsa tree grows fast Inexpensive & is easily available at stores
  • Can be easily worked on without stains

Where Can Balsa Wood Be Used?

  • For making the blades of many wind turbines.
  • For making table tennis bats.
  • Used in bridge test & Model building
  • Aircraft & boat Industries
  • For making furniture
  • Musical Instruments are made of balsa wood
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