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Bring Aesthetic Effects On Your Floors By Availing Floor Resurfacing Services!

Floor resurfacing is done so that the older floors can show their shine! Synthetic-fibre flooring and vinyl composition tiles are used extensively in commercial and institutional floors. For areas with high traffic, harder surfaces can be used, such as cut stone tiles made of granite or marble, ceramic tile that has been applied with epoxy adhesive to its substrate.

Older homes with hardwood floors are showing their age, so the task of floor refinishing helps a lot. You may be wondering if your hardwood floor is showing its age. Resurfacing and refinishing are often used interchangeably. Renowned floor laying, refinishing & resurfacing companies in UAE are expert in hardwood floors and how to bring out the beauty of them. 

Floor Refinishing entails sanding the uppermost layer of your floor and applying new stain or lacquer to the wood. To make your floor shine again, all you need is a drum sander and some stain and lacquer. While you can do the job yourself, professional refinishing will leave you satisfied.

Floor Resurfacing requires more than simply putting a coat of polish on them. This may involve removing floorboards and grinding down any uneven boards. This is a more expensive and time-consuming process that requires a significant investment in lumber, wood-grinding equipment and other tools. This is why professionals such as Gordon James are best suited for this job.

In UAE, Many companies are providing the service of floor refinishing & resurfacing! Know About How To Make Out What Is Best?

Scuff marks and discoloration can be fixed by refinishing your floor. It is required to restore planks that are smooth and even a light standing along with a few coats of stain or lacquer. If your floor displays any of these signs, a complete resurfacing might be the best option.

  • The floorboards are visible to be bent, warped, water-damaged or rotted.
  • Some planks may still be unattractive after sanding.
  • Some planks may have cracks, holes or missing pieces.
  • The floorboards are missing their nails

Even if you apply only a coat of lacquer and stain to a floor that is in dire need of resurfacing, it will still look uninviting. Laminate flooring can be installed in a hardwood style over an existing floor. However, it doesn't have as much depth and richness as wood.

In Dubai, Hardwood Floor Finishing Is Available For Different Types of Floors: 

The horizontal elements of building structures that divide buildings into levels serve the purpose of providing more accommodation in a limited space. They also support the equipment, furniture, and occupants of the building.


Floor finish is a liquid that is applied to resilient tile floors and dried to form a durable, hard and smooth film. The floor finish is approximately the same thickness as waxed paper. It is designed to prolong the life of the floor and provide an attractive surface that is slip-resistant.

Floor finishes of high quality may have as many as 25 ingredients. Some ingredients evaporate, while others stay on the floor when dried. Volatile components are ingredients that evaporate, while non-volatile components are ingredients that remain on the floor. Volatile ingredients are responsible for the formation of film, drying and curing the finish. They then evaporate. Non-volatile materials are the solid substances that remain on the floor and form the floor finish film.

Floor finishes are made from a combination of ingredients that combine to create a balanced mix of performance and physical characteristics. These characteristics include hardness, gloss and clarity, slip resistance and water resistance.

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