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Find Experts For Concrete Precast & Post Tensioning Works in UAE

What is Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete is a product that is made by casting concrete into a reusable mold. The mold is then dried in controlled conditions, then transported to the construction site and lifted into position.

Concrete Precast Works 

  • Precast concrete is widely used in low- and medium-rise apartments as well as hotels, motels, and nursing homes. Concrete is fire resistant and noise-controlling, which lowers your insurance rates.
  • Precast works can also be used to build office buildings. Precast concrete has become a very popular material for parking structures due to its speed and ease of construction. Precast concrete is a cost-effective and efficient construction option that can be used in all weather conditions. 
  • Concrete steps and seating units are easily mass-produced to meet your needs for stadiums and arenas. Precast works can also be used to frame and construct pedestrian ramps, concession stands, and dressing rooms.
  • Its smooth surface and its ability to span long distances make it suitable for manufacturing and storage. Precast concrete is used to construct decks for railway and highway bridges, railroad crossties, burial vaults and educational institutions.
  • Precast concrete is great in manufacturing conditions. While some products can be cast outdoors, particularly in warm climates, most precast works plants are able to operate indoors.

What is Concrete Post Tensioning?

Post-tensioning is a method used by designers to strengthen concrete by prestressing. Concrete is subject to compressive stresses when prestressed members are used to lowering tensile stress. Concrete can be reinforced with steel strands, bars, or wires by adding compressive stresses.
Pre-tensioning is a common technique used in many of the "high-performance" concrete structures of today, such as landmark bridges and buildings. Post-tensioning is also used in parking garages and high-rise residential towers.
Steel is strong in tension so it can be combined with the other elements to create very strong concrete components. Concrete components can be made thinner, stronger, and longer by using concrete precast & post-tensioning.

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