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Meaning of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation 

MOFA, or the ministry of foreign affairs, is the name of the government department responsible for overseeing all foreign policy decisions. A certificate or document must first undergo MOFA Attestation before it can be officially stamped and sealed by a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Attestation verifies that seals and signatures on documents issued in the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere are legitimate.

Documents issued by organizations in the UAE or in other nations can be attested using the attestation services offered by MOFAIC in the UAE and by its missions abroad.

The highest form of legalization to evaluate and validate the authenticity of any document, regardless of whether it was issued domestically or abroad, is the MOFA attestation process is required by the United Arab Emirates.

Why hire MOFA Certification services?

 Certification confirmed by MOFA might be required for individual affairs documents, as well as commercial documents.

When an individual intends to travel to a foreign country for a variety of reasons, MOFA attestation is completed. The completion of a person's certificate attestation for international travel is MOFA attestation.

Applying for a resident permit through the UAE Labor Ministry requires MOFA Attestation. In Gulf nations like the UAE, obtaining a family visa requires the approval of the foreign ministry.

Beyond these typical scenarios, MOFA attestation is required for proving validity of various other documents such as -

Birth Certificates

Marriage Certificates

Death Certificates

MOFA Degree Attestation

MOFA Attestation for Medical Reports

Divorce Certificates

These are the most common however, not the only documents that are required to be certified by MOFA.

There are a number of firms across UAE that can assist you in conveniently and quickly getting your MOFA attestment.

Procedure of attaining validity from MOFA 

Instructions to be followed:

For documents produced domestically in the UAE:

Except for digital documents issued by a government entity or documents attested electronically, the original document must be attested by the governing government entity.

2. Use the MOFAIC online application channels to request attestation in the UAE.

3. Add the original paper. Include a copy of the document if it is digital or electronically attested.

4.After applying for attestation through one of our online channels, a document can then be attested by one of our embassies or missions abroad.

For documents produced outside of the United Arab Emirates:

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that issued the original document must certify it.

2. Documents may then be attested by an embassy or consulate of the UAE in the nation of issuance by submitting an application through the MOFAIC online channels. 

3. Documents need to be attestation in the UAE by submitting an application for attestation through one of our online channels. Include the original, attested document, if possible.

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