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Divorce lawyers assist their clients in navigating matters and disputes surrounding divorce settlements. Their expertise encompasses a wide range of areas from child custody to securing marital assets or even monetary compensation for claims of abuse. The cost of consultations and hiring a divorce lawyer can vary depending on their qualitative experience as well as the complexity of the case. A good divorce lawyer helps you in attaining the most ideal results, based on your personal expectations and preferences.

It is mandatory by law in the UAE to refer to a marriage counselor beforehand. If the counselor can see no definite way for the marriage to work out, either or both of the involved parties can file further for divorce in a law court.

Why should you hire a divorce lawyer?

If your divorce is uncontested, you may not need an advocate. Regardless, it is always advisable to have a lawyer review your agreement in order to protect your entitlements. Consulting a good licensed divorce lawyer helps you ensure minimal losses and figure out exactly what issues to actively pursue in the court.  

Who is the best divorce lawyer for you?

Key points like the nature of claims to be addressed, the category of law applicable to you, your ideal budget, their ratings, and prior experience in dealing with similar cases should be taken into consideration before finalizing the best divorce lawyer suited to you. 

The approach that might be adopted is subjective to your case, so make sure to appoint someone who understands your situation well and you can trust. 

Keep it in mind that you must be able to communicate comfortably with them, therefore they must be fluent in your choice of language. It is also easier for women to seek settlement via female lawyers since they are more relatable and familiar with their clients’ needs.

How much do divorce lawyers charge?

The fees of hiring a divorce lawyers can vary anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 dirhams according to the level of complications involved. A consultation before appointing an attorney can help you to understand their competency as well as your own requirements better. These consultations are usually paid, however some attorneys also provide free consultation services. Nonetheless, these free consultations are often very brief, surface-level conversations that barely reveal what you might need to know. The level of trust you are able to establish in your initial interactions itself can help you make your verdict with certainty. Once you are done with the selection of your advocate, you should always clarify and confirm the amount you are willing to pay them, in advance.

 It is in one’s best interest to do thorough research about the kind of person they require. It is advisable to interview several candidates so as to compare their methods and costs to arrive at an appropriate conclusion. Divorce lawyers go a long way to negotiate a manageable agreement for you. Hence, reaching out to a law firm or family law attorney as per your convenient criteria can simplify matters of financial burdens and settle emotional disputes among concerned parties.