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What is Birth Certificate Attestation?

The act of having witnessed a birth certificate by a person or persons, a department, or an authority with their official seal and signature is known as birth certificate attestation. 

An attestation is a type of testimony or affirmation.  A birth certificate listing the time of birth, name of the bearer, parents of the bearer, and some other crucial information is a document that is typically signed in front of a witness who also signs the document, in order to attest to the document's contents and the party's signature's authenticity.

Additionally, this attestation testifies the validity of the seal and signature on the specific birth certificate as well as the fact that it was issued by the department mentioned.

Why do you need a Birth Certificate Attestation?

A vital step in the legalisation procedure for travel abroad is the attestation of birth certificates. The birth certificate becomes accurate, legitimate, and acknowledged by your nation's MEA with the consular attestation stamp.

It is a vital requirement if someone intends to pursue an international education. In most cases, the institution of higher education where you are accepted requests a copy of the certificate. It is a key prerequisite for the visa in addition to the educational institutions.

Moreover, many countries also require an attested birth certificate copy for providing you with a work visa. Therefore, if you plan to move abroad even for work purposes, that particular nation’s government might   ask for your birth certificate with a seal and/or signature for valid attestation. 

What is the process of Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE?

Instructions to take into account:

For documents produced domestically in the UAE Except for digital documents issued by a government entity or documents attested electronically, the original document must be attested by the governing government entity.

2. Use the MoFAIC online application channels to request attestation in the UAE.

3. Add the original paper. Include a copy of the document if it is digital or electronically attested.

4.After applying for attestation through one of our online channels, a document can then be attested by one of our embassies or missions abroad.

For documents issued outside of the UAE: 

1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing nation must certify the original document.

2. Documents may then be attested by an embassy or consulate of the UAE in the nation of issuance by submitting an application through the MoFAIC online channels. 

3. Documents need to be attestation in the UAE by submitting an application for attestation through one of our online channels. Include the original, attested document, if possible

Birth Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

Regardless of whether you want to get documents issued within the UAE territorial borders attested from the UAE embassy in another country or documents from abroad attested within the UAE, the process can be cumbersome and confusing.

Hence, it is advised to hire agencies or agents that deal with attestation services. They can assist you throughout the process’ duration, explaining the complete procedure to you in detail, asking you to present the  required documents at each step, speeding up the course of action and turning it  into a  smooth, convenient experience for you.

At Etisalat , find the most well-known, skilful and accomplished professionals all over the UAE to assist you in the process of getting your birth certificate attested, right from the comfort of your residence!