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What is Tax Auditing?

A tax audit is a procedure employed by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to review the business records or any other information or data of the taxable people doing a business in the UAE, in accordance with the Tax Procedures Law (Federal Decree-Law No. 7).

In order to make sure data has been reported correctly in accordance with tax regulations and to confirm the stated amount of tax is accurate, an organization's or an individual's accounts and financial data are reviewed or examined in an audit. 

How does the Tax Auditing Process go about?

It will be required of you to provide proof that you declared all of your income and qualified for all of the credits, deductions, and exemptions listed on your return. A timeline is also involved. Undertaking and/or reviewing tax audits involves determining if state tax codes, administrative rules, and requirements are being complied with legally. You can easily file tax returns after the tax audit is over.

Why get a tax audit done?

Over time, tax audits can bring clarity to improve your finances:

In order to prevent the last-minute rush and panic, a tax audit will monitor the accounting books and all other records relating the revenue and expenses accurately. It will make sure that the businessperson enters the entire income and the claims for deductions in an exact and timely manner. 

For taxation purposes, government authorities recognise audited statements as genuine and fair. Based on their findings in the record, auditors can even offer specific recommendations for business improvement.

  • Your cash flow's financial irregularities can be brought to light.

  • It can assist you and your company in finding more effective ways to comply with tax laws.

  • It can demonstrate an organization's trustworthiness in terms of both money and openness.

  • It can be used to comprehensively evaluate how well a company's existing financial management system is working.

Additionally, it gives owners, investors, shareholders, etc. assurances. The accuracy of the company's books of accounts will be guaranteed to the owners. In addition, audit aids in the detection and mitigation of mistakes and frauds.

Benefits of Tax Audits

Since the auditors can provide specific recommendations for business improvements based on their findings in the record, your business and tax-related issues will be analysed, identified, and resolved by experts, who will offer you prompt and hassle-free services like bookkeeping, financial advisory, management consulting, company registration for VAT in the UAE, internal audit for companies, business advisory services in all mof UAE. A thorough tax audit lowers the likelihood of misrepresentation, allowing for the suggestion of system upgrades and identifying the accounting system's flaws. Moreover, an audit enhances a company's reputation.

Tax Auditing Services in UAE

A VAT-registered business must designate a licenced auditor who is also registered as an auditor with the Ministry of Economy to audit its account statements in accordance with the Commercial Companies Law. An experienced tax adviser will ensure that everything is included in the return filing and that the business does not receive any unfavourable attention from the FTA.

An audit may be initiated by inaccurate data or inadequate tax returns. Do not manage an audit on your own if you are one. To be your advocate, speak with a qualified public accountant or tax lawyer. Depending on your situation, it can take six months to a year to solve this problem.

Auditing services include checking and confirming accounts, statements, or other representations of the financial status or regulatory compliance of the auditee. They also include the examination or inspection of corporate records by an auditor.

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