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What is external auditing?

Using an external auditor's services, a business firm can make sure that its financial records and business activities are accurate. Accountants that operate independently of an accountancy firm are known as external auditors. For all firms to continue to operate in compliance with UAE government laws, external auditors are a need. They can assist in resolving any present or potential problems and verifying the organization's financial claims.

Objectives of external auditing

A regular auditing programme and account maintenance strategy are vital for a business's effective execution. Lack of proper accounting records and routine auditing frequently leads to business owners continuing to operate the enterprise in a financially inconsistent and loss-making manner. An auditor can propose adjusting the operations to eliminate such problems by various measures, thereby promoting overall revenue maximization.

Ensuring adherence to regulatory frameworks

For the financial transactions of all  types of firms, the UAE government maintains strict legislation. Therefore, operating a business in the UAE,  may necessitate the assistance of external auditors who can carry out the annual audits required for the renewal of your business permit. 


Grants you greater financial credibility

The top auditors are at your disposal to assess your corporate accounting dealings and help ensure they are correct and in line with state ordinances. When you seek loans and financial aid from banks, a legitimate audit report from a legally qualified auditor is required to demonstrate credibility. 

Safeguarding the integrity of financial data

To help you analyse the current status of your business, including its  profitability , what improvements should be made in the current functioning, and so on, your in-house accountant regularly provides financial information that must be authenticated by a professionally trained auditor. 

Avoiding scams and fraudulence

There may be people at your firm who are engaged in fraudulent activities.   Whenever they are discovered,  your business will have suffered catastrophic damages. Therefore, using external auditing services might assist you in identifying any financial misconduct at the earliest.

Which auditor would suit you best?

As you progressively  build-up your firm’s productive capacity, it becomes rather complicated and problematic to keep a track of all major as well as trivial  records and transactions by yourself. Hence, it is best in such a scenario to opt for a third-party service provider. 


Always take your budgetary allocation for an auditor into consideration before appointing an external auditor. You can contact an auditory service providing firm to understand the assistance that is offered by auditors within different price ranges.

Nature of tasks

Seek an auditor as per the scope of your organization’s functioning; bigger corporations require more advanced ones to comprehend the multiplicity of their transactions, while smaller firms can work effectively enough with a non-permanent auditor hired from time to time. 

Proven Experience 

Make sure you look for an auditor who has had prior experience in dealing with businesses similar to yours. It is crucial for them to maintain objectivity and independence when conducting their investigations and suggesting risk-management strategies.

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An external audit serves as a neutral, independent assessment to confirm that the financial statements accurately depict the company's financial situation and have been correctly prepared in compliance with accounting rules as per governmental directives. Now find licensed, affordable, and experienced auditing practitioners alongside the best auditing service providing firms with professional teams for your business from all over UAE at .