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What is Corporate Tax in UAE?

A Corporate Tax is a monetary charge or a required fee that a government imposes on a person or an organisation in order to raise money for public works projects and, as a result, to provide the greatest services and infrastructure. A tax on a corporation's profits is referred to as a corporate tax. The corporation must pay these taxes on its taxable income, which is revenue less Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), General and Administrative (G&A), Selling & Marketing, Research & Development (R&D), Depreciation, and Other Operating Costs (OEC). 

UAE has announced the implementation of a 9% corporate tax on business profits with an AED 375,000 threshold. One of the lowest corporation tax rates in the world will be in the UAE. 

By implementing Corporate tax in UAE, the tax and compliance obligations for the majority of firms in the UAE are anticipated to radically change. Businesses in the UAE need business consulting services from a team of professionals because it is a novel concept. The Federal Tax Authority will be responsible for the administration, collection, and enforcement of UAE CT.

Why is UAE implementing corporate tax?

The introduction of a federal Corporate Tax on firm net earnings had been announced by the Ministry of Finance. Depending on the business's financial year, the UAE will either implement in July 2023 or in January 2024. All of the UAE's emirates will be subject to the tax. 

In order to strengthen its position as a top global hub for business and investment and to promote development, the UAE implemented a corporate tax. This will be ensured through a revolution in how the strategic objectives are attained and by reinforcing the commitment to satisfy international standards for tax transparency and stop fraud. 

By whom will this tax be felt? 

Businesses and people conducting business in the UAE under a commercial licence will be subject to corporate tax. 

- Companies in Free Zones (Tax regime would honour the CT incentives currently being provided to the free zone businesses complying with the regulatory requirements, and not doing businesses in the mainland of the UAE) 

- Banking operations - Real estate firms, construction, development, agency & brokerage activities - Foreign subjects and individuals, but only if they continuously or regularly conduct trade or business in the UAE

 Who is untouched by corporate tax (CT)? 

-Natural resource extraction companies, as they are still subject to Emirate-based corporate taxation. 

dividends and capital gains accrued by UAE companies from their ownership of qualified shares 

Interest earned from bank deposits or savings plans - Specific intra-group transfers and reorganisations, but only if specific requirements are met

- Dividends, capital gains, interest, royalties, and other investment returns received by a foreign investor.

Discover the best Corporate Tax Consultants 

By avoiding damaging tax methods, the UAE is better able to comply with international requirements for tax transparency. Understanding how corporate tax affect a company's operations and how to comply with them can be challenging for organisations. The easiest approach to comprehend and keep current on business income taxes in the UAE, which are changing as part of a larger tax reform, is to seek the help of a tax professional firm. A list of trustworthy and knowledgeable tax advisors offering tax services to companies around the UAE is available on They assist businesses in managing the tax payment process and the associated legal complications. Expert tax consultants provide clients with the best services possible while assisting their organisation in adhering to global tax regulations.