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What are Pedestal fan?

A pedestal fan includes an adjustable stand with its head above the ground. The height of the head above the ground is approximately 4 feet. The top portion is still fastened to the floor-standing stand. The bottom portion could be positioned at various angles or moved. The top portion of the model is connected by an alternating current electric motor, and the bottom portion is attached by worm gear.

These are oscillating. It is connected to a pedestal on a platform by a blade head. A secondary output from the head's alternating current electric motor connects to a worm gear at the platform's bottom.

Why opt for Pedestal fan?

In comparison to other cooling systems and other types of fan, pedestal fan have the following edge that makes them suitable for a wide variety of set-ups :

Adjustable height

The height of a pedestal fan can be raised or lowered, making it compatible for different people.

Tiltable head

The capability to tilt a pedestal fan’s head makes it competent for concentrating the airflow at required sites.

Detachable stand

The detachable stand of a pedestal fan makes it convenient to carry and transport.


These kinds of fan are very compact and lightweight. As a result, you can use them whenever and wherever you need to.

Lesser Costs

For their lack of need for electricity, portable fan are still available. It is environmentally friendly and low maintenance

Modern Technology

The current stand blades on the market are thin and exquisitely made. They come with remote controls, which makes using them even simpler while seated.

Fan Settings

Look for a pedestal fan that has a variety of fan modes to suit your needs when purchasing one. Nowadays, the majority of pedestal fan have a "Low," "Medium," or "High" setting that changes the fan speeds. You now have more control over the room's temperature thanks to this. Each fan has its own RPM (rotations per minute). If you need more power, pick a fan with a higher RPM.


While shopping for pedestal fan, keep in mind that quality should not be compromised. Plastic pedestal fan are a great option because they are strong, reasonably priced, and of high quality. Plastic pedestal fans don't rust or corrode as easily as stainless steel ones do. Long-term maintenance costs will also decrease as a result of this.


There are various sizes of pedestal fan on the market. Think about where the pedestal fan will be placed in the space to make the best decision. Choose a pedestal fan with a larger area span if the room is large. A smaller pedestal fan will do for a smaller room.


The material that a pedestal fan is made of is one of the key elements that determines its durability. It might be made of plastic or metal. The metal ones are more sturdy and long-lasting while the plastic ones are lighter. Before making the purchase, take into account the amount of use, the possibility of rusting, the need for maintenance, etc.


When looking for a pedestal fan, be sure to listen to how much noise it makes at various speeds because the sound can get louder as the fan speed gets higher. Whether the fan is running at a high speed or not, a high-quality fan will have a sturdy frame that prevents the blades from making a loud noise.

Types of Pedestal fan

They come in a huge variety with various designs, sizes, features, voltages, etc. The various varieties of the same include the following:

  • The single-speed blade
  • Multi-speed form
Areas suited best for Pedestal fan

Pedestal fan are small, electric, transportable fan that are used to create a refreshing breeze. It can get very hot and muggy in subtropical and tropical areas, so purchasing a cooling ventilation system like a pedestal fan can be very helpful.

Place your fan so that it faces the wall that is opposite from where the majority of the activity in your room occurs. With this strategy, the air will be forced to the surface where it will bounce off and mix with the surrounding air to cool the area.

Pedestal Fan manufacturers in UAE

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