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What are Domestic Refrigerators?

A domestic refrigerator is a type of electrical appliance that is used in many homes in order to store food so that it does not go stale. Domestic refrigerators can be single units by themselves or combined with a freezer. They range in height from small-box size refrigerators to larger and taller ones.

Why buy domestic refrigerators?

  • They keep food from perishing

You can significantly increase the lifespan of any food item and prevent them from going stale by keeping them in a refrigerator. Save yourself countless hours by prepping your meals in advance without compromising their freshness!

  • They can store items at their ideal temperature

They can prevent bacterial and fungal growth on objects, including food items like fruits, veggies as well as meat  and dairy products. This keeps them edible for longer. Moreover, other things like medicines and cosmetic products can be stored at their appropriate temperature and hence upkeep their quality.

  • They  provide for cold storage

It is an extremely crucial need to keep your drinks and deserts cool on hot days, that too in  a cost-effective manner. Afterall, they are much needed to relieve you from the wrath of heat and cool down your body temperature!

Which domestic fridge should you purchase?

Spatial Availability

Depending upon the area available to you, you can choose whether to go for a compact or medium-sized fridge or a larger one that can be installed within the concerned space.


You can go for a high-quality, tech-integrated refrigerator with an advanced cooling mechanism or a more economical, cheaper option suitable for fulfilling more simplistic needs. Refrigerators are available in a wide range of budgets within the market, all over UAE.


You might want to take your decor into consideration so as to determine the design, colours and the type of fridge you are going for. This would ensure the consistency of your interior aesthetics. The particular site of installation also affects it.


Most importantly, the type of fridge you  are opting for should ornate with the purpose that you are purchasing it to  serve. If you frequently access the freezer section, opt in for a side to side or top freezer refrigerator, while if you have more stuff to store for the normal cooling segment, choose one with the bottom freezer. Many times, you might want to store a good quantity of a certain item apart from daily-use products, for instance wine. In such a scenario, you can research for refrigerator suppliers who can accommodate your requirements and provide you with the most ideal alternative.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

If you are wholeheartedly investing in a fridge, be sure to check out the guarantee and warranty period  of the product. Also, look for sellers who ensure regular maintenance from time to time alongside cost-effective troubleshooting services like regassing, changing the compressor, etc . 

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