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What are Commercial Refrigerators?

A commercial refrigerator is a cooling and/or freezing appliance used to store a sizable quantity of products. Commercial refrigeration is often utilized by a number of industries ranging from healthcare, convenience stores, floristry to the food and beverage industry. They are large in size and demand high power, while providing more intense cooling than usual residential refrigerators.

A good-quality refrigerator is an accessible cold-storage solution that can inhibit the growth of undesirable microbes, hence significantly averting the items placed within it from perishing or degrading in any form thereby elongating their span of usability.

What to look for in a commercial refrigerator?


There are different types of fridges devoted to serving specific requirements that are offered by commercial refrigerator suppliers from all parts of UAE. 

Types of commercial fridges:

1. Walk-in Refrigerators & Freezers

2. Display Refrigerators

3. Undercounter Refrigerators

4. Restaurant Bar Refrigerators

5. Refrigerated Prep Table

6. Visi Coolers or Reach-In Refrigerators / Freezers

7. Horizontal Freezer / Deep Freezer / Chest Freezer

Moreover, you can contact commercial refrigerator manufacturers for providing you choices in design of the refrigerator and the kind of door most appropriate for your use.

Sometimes the main objective might be solely freezing or just simply cooling. You must opt for a refrigerator that can work accordingly.

Size Capacity

Commercial refrigerators cover a generous scope of sizes suited for different spaces and work settings like factories and manufacturing units, hospitals or restaurants. 

Energy Efficient Design

You can reduce your energy costs by purchasing a commercial refrigerator that is energy-efficient if you intend to use it for an extended period of time. Energy efficiency is mostly based on the caliber of the insulation.  Opt for a commercial refrigerator that employs polyurethane foam for the greatest results. Polyurethane is a superior insulator due to its strong compression strength and low thermal conductivity.

Warranty Period

Since purchasing a commercial grade refrigerator can cost a decent fortune but is a vital prerequisite in many fields, make sure to buy from a seller offering a good warranty period. Oftentimes, different parts have different warranty spans, but the complete mechanism together typically comes with a 3-year warranty. 


Depending on the size and level of advancement within the mechanism of the equipment, commercial refrigerator suppliers within the UAE offer a high number of alternatives compatible with your purchasing  power.


Ice buildup might reduce the effectiveness and functionality of your industrial refrigerator. Purchase one with an automatic defrosting mechanism to melt any ice that accumulates. By doing this, you can avoid having to shift your stock in order to melt the ice that has developed. Additionally, you will have more room in your fridge to store your food and beverages if there isn't any ice collected there.

Post-purchase maintenance services

A well-known and competent seller would provide you complimentary free-of-cost maintenance services within the guarantee period and aptly priced repair services beyond it. This ensures that all the necessary components are in optimal working condition and hence provide maximized output. 

Look no further for top-notch refrigerators suited to your business!

In order for your enterprise to truly profit from great value refrigerators, it's essential to work with a reliable kitchen equipment supplier. Check out reputable manufacturers and suppliers of commercial grade refrigerators within all of UAE, presenting you with high-quality solutions at competitive prices registered at the website conveniently and contact them now!