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The Ultimate Guide to air cooled chillers

What are Air Cooled Chillers

Commercial and industrial buildings employ air-cooled chillers as refrigeration systems to cool liquids and/or dry out air. In contrast to chillers that rely on cooling towers to remove heat from the building, air-cooled chillers use fans to do so. This kind of chiller system is typically employed in situations when the extra heat it emits is unimportant.

Purposes and Applications

They are employed in a wide range of locations, such as hotels, corporate gatherings, dining establishments, athletic occasions, large-scale building projects, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and so on.

 Air cooled chillers are used in industrial settings to generate heat using friction, powerful machinery, and furnaces or ovens. They are able to extend the life of heavy-duty machinery by running cooled liquid through it in order to keep it productive and efficient. 

These chillers are utilised as a traditional chilling system for food since the food business has rigorous guidelines regarding the storage temperatures of ingredients and goods. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, making medications calls for precise temperature control and the use of cooled water. 

Chiller systems, which can be central process chillers or compact process chillers, offer the accuracy and precision needed for the chilling process.

Reciprocal, centrifugal, and absorption chillers are the most typical forms of pharmaceutical equipment.Controlling temperature precisely is necessary for medical equipment. Heat that is produced by LINAC devices, MRI scanners, and CT scanners needs to be removed and managed. For a reliable source of cool temperatures, air-cooled chillers are used. This is carried out to make sure that important machinery runs effectively.

 Power plants produce a significant quantity of heat in the process of producing electricity. In light of this, chillers are employed to cool parts and procedures by absorbing the heat they produce. 

Why invest in Air cooled chillers?

This sort of chiller system installs more quickly, saving installation crews time and perhaps significant upfront costs.

 In comparison to water-cooled systems, air-cooled chillers have fewer assemblies that need to be maintained. These chillers require less maintenance than conventional systems with more complex component structures since they lack a condenser pump, a cooling tower, and other components.

 The air cooled chillers offer a water-saving alternative to conventional water cooled systems, making them excellent in areas that are prone to drought or have a restricted water supply. By using ambient air to cool the process instead of water, an air-cooled chiller can eliminate the need for water and free up space for optimal performance.

Unlike conventional chiller systems, air cooling systems do not alter the ambient temperature or humidity.

Air cooled chillers manufacturers & suppliers in UAE

Hence, the benefits of air-cooled chillers include fewer maintenance costs, a preconfigured system for simpler design and installation, and improved performance in subfreezing temperatures. There are several different types of air cooled chillers, including industrial fixed air cooled chillers and portable air cooled chillers. The most reputable producers and sellers will make sure that each of their units goes through a thorough pre- and post-operation inspection and maintenance, and they offer installation along with all necessary accessories. At the stroke of a button, connect with the top manufacturers of air-cooled chillers on Etisalat today!