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Looking For Air Cooled Chillers And Water Chillers In UAE? 

Water Cooled Chillers are used to cool down the temperature of water for coolant and refrigeration purposes. Water Cooled chillers and air cooled chillers are commonly used for cooling down machinery and products. Basically, it is used in industries like food and beverage production, chemical industries, cold storage, power plants, etc. A chiller Ac system is used to remove heat from water and air and transfer the extra heat into the atmosphere. The cooled water and the air then pass through the coils or chambers in the building that dehumidify the air and keep the area cool.

The chillers are of two types;
Water cooled chiller & Air cooled chiller. Water cooled chillers or the cooling towers use a humid air stream or water spray for coolant. Water Cooled chillers are cheaper and efficient but consume a huge amount of water. Meanwhile, Air cooled chillers use the current of atmospheric air for the coolant. Air cooled chillers are commonly used for commercial and industrial uses. Using an Air cooled chiller has multiple benefits;

  • No need for expensive cooling towers
  • No more water wastage
  • It costs very low for the maintenance
  • The cities lacking water reduces the water utility for them
  • No issues in case of water lacking
  • Reduces chemicals cost

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